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The Master List to Get Free Stock Photos & Videos For Your Blog

The Master List to Get Free Stock Photos & Videos For Your Blog

Good quality media can make any website or print design reach out to its audience in an instant. Images and videos help capture your audience’s attention easily. Especially if you’re in a creative business, it’s not a choice but a necessity to have beautiful media to publish on your site and across your social media. But, not everyone is willing to invest in a professional photographer or agency.
So what are your options? Looking for free media online that’s free for commercial use. On research, you’ll find that there are a bunch of sites that offer such media but Most of them SUCK. Yes, they really do. The photos they have are nowhere near the professional quality you expect.
So, here’s my list of sites that offer high quality, professional photos and stock footage for your website/blog. Some of these sites even offer higher resolution photos that are okay for printing as well.

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