Modern Eclectic Art + Custom Logo Design by Artist Uma Gokhale
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Modern Eclectic Art + Custom Logo Design by Artist Uma Gokhale

We Design
Brand Identities.

Your company logo is unquestionably one of the most important tools you have to get across the message you want to send out to your customers.

Our unique brand designing style based on your vision and our design, differentiates your products and services by creating a lingering effect on your audience, turning them into your customers.

With our custom logo & brand stationary design services, we promote brand ‘YOU’, no matter how big or small your business is right now.

If you’re looking to get a logo designed for your new business or to get your existing logo re-styled,  request a no-obligation quote below or view our design portfolio here.

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Modern boho nature inspired art & Custom logo design by Artist Uma Gokhale of 83 Oranges

Meet Uma, Your Logo Design Expert

Helping small business owners build their brands for 10+ years, Uma believes that every successful brand is backed with a unique story. 

She will guide you through your vision and goals, create an identity that will engage your audience and make your business thrive as a result.

“I am in debt to 83 Oranges as you guys have made my life very easy. This is my first start-up and everything was done in the simplest yet efficient manner. The whole experience of working with you has been fantastic. You had ideas that I would have never considered and that is why I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you so much!”

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“Uma from 83 Oranges redesigned my logo. I have worked with other designers in the past that would take my ideas literally and would not come with any other creative insights. However, this is where Uma stood out. From early on I knew that I was in safe hands as Uma wasn’t short of ideas and suggestions which made the process so much easier.”

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“Designers at 83 Oranges are self-driven and highly professional inidividuals who thrive on challenges. They are innovative, talented, committed and professional in their approach with an eye for detail. During the duration of the contract they succeeded in meeting the deadlines every single time. I would certainly recommend them!”

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Trust is Everything

As a business owner, gaining your prospective customers’ trust is of paramount significance. A bad logo can instantly make your business look unstable. This instability and lack of trust can make people doubt the authenticity/quality of your products. A well designed logo will not only make your business stand out from your compeition but also lend your business an established look.

It Must Not Look Like a Small Step

When you think of memorable logos, you might immediately think of the half eaten apple or the four colored window. That’s because these logos and of course the products that these logos represent have made a long lasting impression in your mind. A good logo can reflect your company values, target audience and/or several other factors depending upon what you want it to stand for.

Business Runs on Perceptions

There’s an old proverb that says ‘Your first impression lasts too long’. People go with perception. Without a custom designed logo, the message your branding sends out to your audience could be that you’re not focused on the business or you are not doing it with your full dedication. And once they believe that, it can be tough to start fresh.

Business Should Look Polished

Look and feel has a tremendous impact. Your business must look professional. Your logo provides you the opportunity to show your business approach and your approach must look experienced and effective because needless to say, in business, customer psychology plays a very important part.

Are you ready to get your logo designed?