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Really funny questions & feedbacks from graphic design customers

Really Funny Questions & feedbacks from Design Customers

Have you come across clients that ask the funniest questions?
Well, I sure have come across my share, working in the web design industry and thought it would be fun to share some of the funniest questions/comments I’ve heard/read over the years.

1. “That other website is stealing our business. Can you make it so that when someone types in their address they come to our site?”


2. “Can you include a splash intro animation that turns the screen into a mirror so they can see themselves? We really want to push the metaphor.”


3. “Most of our photos are all white people, but we need to show more diversity, and we don’t have the budget for another photoshoot. But I’m sure you can just change them to various races, I mean, that’s what a graphic designer does, right?”


4. “I want a CMS platform for my website to make it easy for me to update my site and I’m ready to pay extra for it. Once the site is ready, keep it updated from your end because I’m not an internet savvy person anyway.”

5. “The logo design should be free. It’s just my company name in letters and a symbol!”

6. Client: “I’ve sent the image. I can’t wait to see the final product.”
Me: “This image is 115px x 148px at 72dpi. Typically we need images around 1000px and higher with around 150+dpi.”
Client: “Can’t you just Enhance the images like they do in CSI.”


7. “I want my law firm website to be black & white and look serious, dull even. But to match with my logo, let’s make the background of the site a very bright orange.”

8. “I’m interested in getting a quote from you for my website but that’s on hold at the moment. For now, using Skype, can you teach me how to run my own social media campaigns?”

9. “I really like this other company’s logo. Can’t we just copy it, change its color and the name under it?”

10. “I want to sell T-shirts online. I don’t yet have an online-store or any social media accounts and have no time for them right now. How can you help me with my SEO to make sales really fast?”

11. “You sent me a JPG mock up of the website homepage but none of the links on it work!”

12. “The Twitter ‘Latest Tweets’ widget on my site shows my latest 5 tweets. Since I haven’t tweeted anything for a while, the date stamp looks bad. Can you make it show today’s date instead?”

13. “Your hourly rate is okay, as long as you don’t need more than an hour. And you can show me how you did it so I can do it on my own next time.”


I’m sure you too must have some funny quotes like these to share. In comments, please mention what you do and the funniest quote you’ve heard! I’ll share the best one on our fanpage with a link to your profile!
Also which one of the above is your favorite? 😉

Artist & Founder, 83 Oranges. Her design style is an invitation into the fresh, the tropical, and the vibrant. Her greatest inspiration, nature, is evident throughout her work and fills her artistic style with well-balanced colors and effective visuals in art as well as brand identity design.

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