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Elisa Gecchelin

Business card design for photographer
[eltdf_elements_holder holder_full_height=”no” number_of_columns=”one-column” switch_to_one_column=”” alignment_one_column=””][eltdf_elements_holder_item item_padding=”0px 0% 0px 0%”][eltdf_section_title type=”standard” position=”” title_tag=”” disable_break_words=”no” text_tag=”” text_font_weight=”” title=”Elisa Gecchelin” text=”Elisa is a freelance photographer passionate about doing portraits. The business card we designed for her was simple & minimalistic with a neutral color combination.”][/eltdf_elements_holder_item][/eltdf_elements_holder]
Business card design for photographerBusiness card design for photographer
Scope:    |   Date December 6, 2015

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