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How Art Helped Me Recover From Panic Attacks & Anxiety


Our mission is to help spread awareness about anxiety, stress, panic attacks and depression. Through our #TheMindGardener Initiative founded after our lead artist & founder – Uma went through her own battle with anxiety, we aim to give hope to every person who needs it.

Your Every Purchase Helps. A portion of our profits are donated to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America.

“I remember having this heartburn with my heart racing endlessly. A throbbing pain in my head & neck made me feel oblivious and directionless. Waking up every morning, doing my daily activities, taking an interest in things, living in the moment with my mind focused on things happening around me, being excited about anything at all was a struggle. I would often think about this concept from the Adam Sandler movie ‘Click’ where he is on autopilot while his life is passing him by. I felt permanently drowsy & exhausted even after having slept all night and often thought of giving up to start all over again with a clean slate.

“I realized I needed to seek professional help, and I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic attacks. These would sometimes lead to migraines.

“The love and support of my family and my love for creating art encouraged me through those frighteningly dark days.

“From a very early age, having seen my mother & brother suffer from Bipolar disorder, I knew the huge negative impact mental illness can have on all aspects of one’s life. Through my own journey to recovery from anxiety, I began to understand the stigma and lack of awareness associated with mental illness and felt like I could and would want to do my bit, no matter how tiny, to help spread awareness and maybe help someone else out there find hope.

“My experience of working through anxiety & panic attacks, has taught me so much. It made me realize that the only thing that was really going to help was changing the way I was letting my mind think. I had to stop letting it remain stuck, over-analyzing and over-thinking things that I could not control and served no purpose. Instead, my mind had to be engaged in something else, something that would excite me. Making art. It also taught me to always be patient, to know that it’s okay to be going through it and that there are others going through the same thing so you’re not alone. And most importantly, that ‘This too shall pass’ and there’s hope for everyone.

“Every moment of every day you cultivate your mind whether you realize it or not. Because it is your every thought, action and experience that wires, shapes, moulds and refines your mind and shapes your life. That’s pretty significant. Because every part of your life is determined by your mind. And you can choose to let it happen in the generally unconscious way that many of us bumble through life, or you can wake up, get conscious, and design your mind garden.

I look forward to spreading awareness about how with our powerful minds, what we sow through our thoughts IS what we reap. To quote The Rock, “When you focus on you you grow. When you focus on shit, shit grows.” Positive thoughts attract positive changes. We need to release anything that no longer serves us to make room for all the good that is still to come. We need to encourage more loving, less doubting. Fall in love with being patient and respectful to yourself and your unique journey.
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