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83 ORanges brand colors

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An Artist's Life: Just a Happy Wednesday

Just a Happy Wednesday

You know what’s cool? Being contacted for a collaboration by someone who’s work you’ve been following for years now – someone who’s inspired you along your own creative journey. That’s exactly how my day started. I was contacted by D e s i g n L o v e F e s t asking me to contribute to their awesome wallpaper download series! You can follow this link to download the featured artworks directly from their website.
Second was this touching feedback I received today from an anonymous buyer who recently ordered a product with my ‘Ocean + Pink‘ art featured at the top of this post. It just made my day! It’s also one of the arts selected by Design Love Fest for their wallpaper collection I mentioned above.

“I’m an artist that loves watercolor and your work is very similar to my style of painting – perfect inspiration to look at everyday, and give me that summertime happiness all year long!”

Although Society6 has always been our primary art outlet & shop – where our sales are now more than 5 times what they were 6 months ago – for those of you who havne’t heard, we recently launched our work at Curioos – which is a high-end signed & limited edition art marketplace. The newly launched store is seeing very good sales in its first month and my work is even getting featured repeatedly by their in-house curating team! Super excited!
And last but not the least, our Casetify store sales have tripled in the last two months! You can check out the latest collection here.

Would love to hear your thoughts about our designs! So go ahead and post a comment below.

Artist & Founder, 83 Oranges. Her design style is an invitation into the fresh, the tropical, and the vibrant. Her greatest inspiration, nature, is evident throughout her work and fills her artistic style with well-balanced colors and effective visuals in art as well as brand identity design.

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