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How to Download YouTube Videos

How to Download YouTube Videos

Wondering how you can download videos off #Youtube? And do it without downloading some random questionable software?
I wanted a simple solution to download YouTube videos but when I tried Googling it, most of the results recommended downloading softwares. Several of which were full of spyware and viruses.
Finally I figured out a way to do this using Mozilla Firefox browser. Here’s How to Download YouTube Videos to your computer the easy way.
If you don’t have it, first install this browser. It’s a good web browser even for general use. I would rate it 2nd, right after Google Chrome, which in my opinion, is the best.
After successful installation, Click here to install this free ‘Download YouTube Videos as MP4 1.7.15’ extension for Firefox.
Now, browse to any YouTube video using Firefox and ta da! you’ll see a ‘Download’ button just like the one in the below screenshot, with format as well as resolution options.
Image Credits: Freepik

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