Why Do You Need a Designer?

Why Do You Need a Designer?

Sabine Ahrens, a young designer from Hamburg, created an insightful flowchart to help her potential clients decide if they need a designer. Here's the jist from this light-hearted way to express how a designer may add value to your branding and business. It's basically questions — a framework often used for pop-psychology quizzes in lifestyle magazines.

Do Appearances matter?

No matter how good your product or services are, when you step out to sign clients, first impressions matter. Every image-conscious successful business owner knows the value of having an identity that stands out and makes a lasting impression. These days I'm really into this show called 'Shark Tank' where business owners and innovators come in to pitch their idea to a group of well-experienced investors. The most important thing you'll note from the show is that the concepts that are picked up are not just the most innovative ones but the ones that are backed up by good brand design, clear visual ideas, strategy and a marketing plan.

Would you hire yourself?

Does your current brand identity reflect what your business does best? Compare your brand design with your competitors. Would you hire yourself? If you want to maximize your business's potential, you need to seek help from a designer who's expertise lie in building a visual identity that will strengthen your business and attract not just new but the right clients because a consistent brand identity helps to make a stronger, recognizable & trusted brand.

Have You Asked For Feedback?

Since you are too close to the question, you might not be the best person to judge whether or not you need to upgrade your current brand design. So have you tried requesting clients or friends to review your identity and share with you their thoughts? If yes, then have you received a positive feedback?

Have You Evolved with Time?

Business environments are constantly changing. If your visual identity was designed a while back, have you considered re-branding your business to suit the current situation?

So, do you need a designer?

I would be happy to help. Contact me with your project details here.