Top 5 DIY Blogs You Should Follow

Top 5 DIY Blogs You Should Follow

Even though I don't get as much time for DIY crafting as I would like to, I really enjoy keeping up with the best blogs out there on the subject. In recent years, the DIY/crafts blog industry has grows above and beyond not only in terms of how many people run and follow the blogs & stores but also the quality of photography they use & the kind of sponsors they get. DIY blogs, if you've notice, never fail to delight when a beautiful little pin on Pinterest leads you to them. If you love DIY stuff, following are 5 blogs you simply should not miss.

1 // Design Love Fest

This one surely outranks the rest. I just love the ideas they post along with gorgeous pictures. The website too has several creative elements and makes you want to look around once you land there. They've got very active Instagram & Pinterest profiles that I follow.

Recently the idea that caught my eye when I visited this blog for the first time was - FRUIT ICE CUBES - its so simple, yet innovative. And the presentation is just the best.

2 // BlogShop

Although this one's connected with a different kind of 'DIY', it's definitely worth a mention as it can help a lot of you create simple graphics for your blog.

The first thing I loved about this site is the picture of colorfully dressed feet! The rest of the site looks nice too. Blogshop conducts courses to help bloggers learn Photoshop with the intent of teaching them to create great graphics for their own site.  

3 // Oh Happy Day

I came across this blog through the lovely pictures Jordan posts on Instagram. The blog showcases beautiful photos and DIY ideas for everything from home decor, food to photography. The element that most of the DIY projects revolve around is event planning because that's what Jordan does - she's an event planner.  

4 // Oh Joy

Joy brand includes various licensed product lines, how-to lifestyle videos, and a daily blog with a focus on design, fashion, food, and joyful moments from everyday life. Founder Joy Cho, has also authored two books and consulted for hundreds of creative businesses around the world.

What took me to this blog? It was this very well written article called 'Let's All Have Less Mom Guilt, Shall We?' which is about dealing with the guilt that every working mom feels when she has to leave her child and go to work. BEing a new mom myself, her thoughts on the subjects really appealed to me. Go check it out yourself!  

5 // Creature Comforts

Creature Comforts is a design and lifestyle blog that is all about celebrating the tiny details that make life sweet, and finding beauty in the unexpected. The blog is maintained by founder and editor-in-chief Ez Pudewa.

Following are some blogs that didn't make it to my top 5 list but are also very good. Design Mom / A Cup of Joe / Because I'm Addicted / Bluebird Got more to add to the list? Do add them with their links using comments below.