The Best Way to Post to Instagram From Your PC

The Best Way to Post to Instagram From Your PC


Updated on 28th July 2018

The new BEST way to post photos from your computer to your Instagram account directly is using the 'Instagram for Desktop' Google Chrome app. Of course to use it, you need to first download and install the Chrome browser if you're not using it already.

For the last year, I have been looking for tools that will help me post images to Instagram from my desktop. Among free tools available out there as listed in this article here, I have tried Bluestacks & Gramblr. Bluestacks, in my opinion, is extremely unreliable as it sometimes (and on certain desktops) works and other times, doesn't. Gramblr has been updated to version 2 which now offers cropping and filter effects however, it lets you use JPG images only as it currently can't process other formats (like gif/png) and also it does not work well with ALL size images. For a short period, I also used Schedugram, which is a paid tool lets you upload as well as schedule posts to Instagram from your desktop. At the time my Instagram posts were being scheduled by my assistant. Later when I decided I wanted to regularly post to the app myself, I found it to be an unnecessary waste of my time and money to keep continuing with Schedugram. I now wanted a free app that would simply help me post twice a day to Instagram from my desktop - no scheduling was required. Here are some pictures I posted recently on Instagram using Instapic! They are two popular phone cases available to order from our Casetify shop here. Do follow me on Instagram for more updates.


My search finally led me to this Windows 10 app called Instapic. InstaPic is the first and only fully featured and 100% Free Instagram Client for Windows devices. It even comes with a suite of Photo editing features ranging from filters to adjusting brightness, saturation, contrast and several more. It's without doubt the best most sophisticated Instagram app for windows devices.

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