How to save Pinterest pins as a PDF e-book

Save Pinterest Pins as PDF E-book

Pinterest is a great tool to collect and organize stuff you like in categories, in a visually appealing beautiful way. No matter what you use it for, converting your pins into an e-book can really help you - for example if you want to print a recipe book out of your 'Recipes' Pinterest board and a 'DIY' book from all the tips you have collected over time. Having helpful pins on paper can be very handy. What's important when Saving your Pinterest Pins as PDF E-book is to make sure the PDF retains links to the respective pins! Here's how to do this right.

Step 1:

Install Mozilla Firefox browser

Step 2:

Then using Firefox, go to this link to install the 'Print pages to PDF' add-on.

Step 3:

Now browse to your Pinterest board using Firefox browser.

Step 4:

Now in the browser window top bar, go to 'Tools' > 'Print to PDF'

Step 5:

Select 'Print active tab' (The add-on also gives you an option to print all open tabs) You're done! Check your freshly saved PDF e-book! Please note that the add-on prints as much of the page that is loaded. So you need to first scroll down to load as many pins as you want and then proceed to Step 4 above.