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New Collab: Hetty + Sam 100% Vegan Accessories

We're proud to announce our latest collaboration with Hetty & Sam, a company that, from the very beginning, felt strongly about not using any form of leather or fur in any of their products. Animals are in the heart of their products and protecting them in any way they can has always been very important. All their products are cruely-free, vegan and recognised & approved by PETA. In our first collection, we are offering a few bag designs - Pineapples & Pine Cones mini purse, Agave purse, Blush Gold Marble Clutch Bag and some other products. You can check them all out here.  

1. Pineapples + Pine Cones

Hetty & Sam's vegan accessories fashion

A compact purse with colourful splashes of pink, yellow and green on a bright white background. Expertly crafted using cruelty free leather and finished with a beige zipper.  

2. Blush + Gold Marble

Check out this gorgeous piece featured in at the top of this post. The neutral colour range ensures this 100% vegan leather clutch bag can compliment any outfit.  


Beautiful golden palm leaves decorate this cruelty-free, vegan leather purse. Transition from carrying dull, plain accessories to original, limited edition statement pieces with this wallet.   XX  

What is Vegan Leather?
Vegan leather feels 'like' real leather, but is made using silk grain polyurethane. Therefore no animals are harmed or endangered in making this beautiful bag. Unlike PVC, which contains the toxic chemical chlorine, PU is much kinder to the environment.  
Why Buy These Purses?
The bag is made using 100% animal cruelty-free vegan leather. We are extremely proud of this and will continue to support animal cruelty-free products. These stunning yet timeless designs are the perfect accessory for any fashion conscious woman.  
Customer Reviews
Arron P on Feb 13, 2018 " Girlfriend seems to love it Bag looks lush and my gf loved it. She has been using it quite alot so thumbs up!" Angelicia Rivers on Oct 10, 2017 "The bag looks just like it does on screen. I am very pleased with this and shall be returning again very soon :)" Becky Green on Aug 30, 2017 "The bag arrived very quickly! It also comes in a black dust bag which was handy. The material feels and looks identical to leather but I am pleased it is not. I did see this at a vegan fair but it was sold out at the time. Pleased to now own it! x"