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Nature Inspired Designs : Trending Right Now Vol.1

by Uma Gokhale on August 20, 2017
Nature Inspired Designs : Trending Right Now Vol.1


Nature has always been the most significant inspiration behind my artworks. There's just something about the freshness and beauty of it that instantly catches the eye.

Additionally, I think watercolors take the depth of nature inspired designs several levels deeper. And luckily it's the kind of patterns that our customers love too. Several of our designs/patterns have recently been spotted around town.

Here are my favorite picks. If you would like to know more about the products we design and our stockists, please go to our Shop page here and scroll down to the list.

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Prosper T-shirt

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Rose Watch Band

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Cactus A-line Dress

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Tropic Backpack

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Pastel Monstera Mug

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