My bad experience with Yahoo small biz website hosting

My (Bad) Experience with Yahoo Small Biz

As you all know by now, we're not a fan of Yahoo Small Business. We have had trouble with them everytime one of our clients has used their services. This week they struck again when a friend of mine wanted her hosting service changed from #Yahoo Small Biz to Hostgator.

Here's the story:

Our now client, Jen, had her domain & hosting with Yahoo Small Biz, a plan that was expiring on Sep 8, 2011. She disabled the auto-renew option on her account  and approached Yahoo Small Biz by email well in advance around August 30th, 2011, asking them to not renew her hosting plan but to renew her domain plan only, going forward. She also requested them to send her the domain authorization code as sooner or later she wanted to move her domain as well.

There was no meaningful communication that took place hereafter. As Jen was sure everything would go smoothly as per her instructions, she went ahead and took her 1 week long break from work as planned earlier just to come back to find that Yahoo had charged her neither for her domain nor for hosting. Her Small Biz account showed a message saying she had 6 days to renew her domain plan before it got cancelled. She called the customer care number to figure out what had gone wrong and was shocked to learn that they were claiming she herself had requested to terminate ALL services and so they had! She could not believe what she was hearing!

When inquired about how she can now get the same domain back, she was told that the message displayed in her account about her having 6 days to renew her domain plan was caused due to a bug in their system and that her domain had been cancelled already.

She was then told to go to the Small Biz website, choose 'Already own a domain' and simply make the payment, which was now almost double the amount she was paying earlier per year with the new unlimited plans they have introduced. They no longer offer 'limited' plans it seems (!).

Jen tried following their instructions to buy back the domain but couldn't  as the transaction generated errors and the payment did not go through. When she called Customer care again, they told her she could not 'buy' back the domain and was given a phone number to a company called Melbourne IT, Australia and told to settle the issue with them. J

en had no choice but to call the Australian company which said that her domain was with a reseller and she needed to talk to them. After this note, the customer care executive put her on hold for about half hour, constantly hammering her with useless instructions, after which she finally gave up. As per the recorded instructions, she even tried going to the Melbourne IT website and opening a ticket on support but the URL given to her simply does not exist.

She now just does not want to pursue this matter with Yahoo and has opted for an entirely new domain & hosting for her website.

Really bad technical support? You bet.

What hosting/domain service have you tried? Do share your experience so our readers & I can benefit.