Must-Know Online Tools For Site Owners

Must-Know Online Tools For Site Owners

Many of us have our own websites & blogs and can use a little help with managing our site in terms of performance analytics, accessibility, social reach and more. Here are a few handy tools to keep you on top of things:

1. Google Apps

For years I used Microsoft outlook with Hostgator for email. After I signed up for Google apps I was actually angry with myself for not having thought of signing up sooner! I mean seriously, Google apps takes all the hassle out of setting up business email, organizing your correspondence and is of course completely detached from your website hosting service. I love using Gmail for my personal email and for me, there was nothing better than being able to use my business email with the same reliable service.

2. Down for everyone or just me?

You must have come across situations where a particular site or your own website seems to be down or not accessible from your computer. In such situations, instead of panicking, wondering whether its actually down or there's a problem with your browser, head to This is a simple and fast tool that lets you check whether or not your site is up. It's a real time-saver.

3. ScreenFly

It's the age of responsive websites. To check what your site looks like on different devices/resolutions, there no better tool than ScreenFly. Just enter your site URL and click 'Go'! The tool basically lets you then try our a range of resolutions 'on the fly'. It's also a great tool to test a theme before selecting it for your site. So next time a designer tell you that a template is completely responsive, don't take his/her word for it. Do a quick test to confirm yourself!

4. Pixlr

Online photo editing tool to help you re-size and stylize your images before posting them to your website. It's like Photoshop but with basic features.

5. Mailcounter

There are several plugins out there to give your users the option to email an article to a friend but if you rather not use a plugin or if your website is a custom coded one, here's a simple way to add the "Email article to friend" feature to your site. This code opens up the default email program on your machine with a message sharing the article.


Bitly lets you shorten your URLs. This is very useful when you publish an article with a keyword rich long title that looks quite ugly when posted on a social network. Bitly also tracks & analyses your links helping you understand how your links are performing.

7. Google Analytics

It's easy to set up and it gives you a detail real time report on who's visiting your site. Keeping track of - which posts are attracting more visitors, which devices they are viewed from, visitors' location can help you improve the way your site serves your readers.

8. Cloudflare

Free CDN service to make your website blazing fast using advance cache and other superb optimizing techniques.

9. Bloglovin'

Bloglovin' is basically a network of very active bloggers. You can connect with them, follow their blogs & claim your own site/blog URL to get more followers.

10. CoSchedule

Coshedule is a blog management tools for blogs that have multiple authors/editors. More than 10,000 bloggers, editors, and marketing teams trust CoSchedule to plan their blog and social media.

11. Google Local

"If your website is not listed on Google+ local, you are missing the easiest way to leverage local SEO around. Google loves to support local businesses and their algorithm is written to look for that local information." How do you get listed? Navigate to Google Local and follow the steps from there. This is yet another great channel for promotion that costs nothing for small businesses.

11. Expensify

Hassle-free expense reporting built for employees and loved by admins. If you need online invoicing, time tracking and expense services, this program is easy to navigate, even for the most novice business owners.

12. Zendesk

Zendesk is software for better customer service. It can help you streamline your customer service interface, create support boards and streamline your response time. Are there any useful tools you'd like to share? P.S. The Macbook sleeve in the picture above is available to order from our Casetify shop here!