How To Display All Your Social Updates on Your Website

by Uma Gokhale on January 08, 2018
How To Display All Your Social Updates on Your Website


We all know the importance of staying connected with our audience via social media. People want to connect with you through these networks because that connection generates trust. If you're like me, you have so much happening across all your networks - so many exciting things that you want your website visitors to see! But a person coming directly to your website, who is not your follower on any network has no clue about your latest updates. For him/her your site is basically information that you have already published, nothing's live. Earlier this month I found this great tool that lets you show all your social updates (or hashtag feeds) from a variety of networks + your blog posts + external RSS feeds on to a single page on your website. It's called Juicer. Let me start by saying that I am NOT paid to promote this tool. My recommendations are completely based on my own experience. And this feature can significantly improve your follower count + the number of people that engage (via likes & comments) with your updates. To get started you need to go to the Juicer website and set up a free account. With a free account you can add up to 2 social feeds and they show up with Juicer branding. For $19/month you can add more feeds & get rid of Juicer branding. It's very easy to install and the site has a documentation and FAQ section that's very helpful for customizations. Before subscribing to Juicer, I tried out a couple of alternatives including Twine-Social and Flow Flow. But Flow-Flow came with a lot of bugs to the point that it was taking hours and hours for me to set it up on my website while Twine-social had limitations as to how many visitors can visit my feed page in a month even with the paid plan. Juicer comes with a range of features including the ability to choose which updates to show from the feed, feed layouts and a stylish light box for navigating through the posts. So go ahead and give it a try! I promise you'll love it because it's worth every penny. For more business and blogging tips, follow me on Twitter. P.S. The gorgeous phone case in the picture above is one of the hundreds from our latest collection now available to order via Casetify here.

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