How To Create a Perfect Brief For Your Graphic Designer

How To Create a Perfect Brief For Your Graphic Designer

When starting to work with a graphic designer, it's very important to give him/her the information they'll need to deliver work you'll love. To start with, you must - 1. Know what you want - I don't mean - know what design you want. It's great to be open to your designer's ideas. What I mean is knowing what you want your design to reflect or stand for. Knowing what you like and don't like. And 2. Be able to convey your thoughts in an helpful manner. Your information should make it easy for the designer to envision the kind of designs you'll like. Here's a list of topics your brief to your designer should ideally cover-

Introduction to Your Business

This will be a short description of what you do, what services/products you provide, your company values etc.  

Look & feel

What kind of a look are you looking to select for your design. E.g. vintage, retro, modern, feminine etc. This will also include color preferences, if you have any.  


This is a collection of files, photos that you might have come across and liked. We call this a moodboard. A specifically saved #Pinterest board is ideal for this purpose. These saved image references can include fonts, graphics, screenshots of any designs you thought were worth saving. For example, recently when I was starting my work on a Hair salon & spa logo, the client sent me photos of her spa, color schemes (some of these were pictures of dresses), the wood texture she was using for her spa furniture, some logos she'd liked etc. This collection worked out great!

What you expect

You need to be clear on what you expect to be included in your budget. For example, in case of logo design, this will be the total number of concepts or revisions that'll be provided in the package.  


This can significantly affect the cost of your project. So give your designer a fair idea of the deadline you're looking at to have the project completed.  


Don't forget to make a note of your budget for this particular project yourself and then discuss it with your designer. If you have a project in mind and would like to send across your design brief, please send it using the link below. Send Us Your Design Brief →