Feng-shui logo design concepts

Feng-Shui Tips for Logo design

Today I found some interesting information on how people are applying Feng-Shui principles when getting a business logo designed and thought it was worth sharing.

Apparently, the ancient art of Feng-Shui need not work just for your home or garden, it has applications in business as well since it's basically about creating better quality energy.

There are four main Feng-Shui guidelines when it comes to the #design of business logos and other marketing visuals. These guidelines are based on essential Feng-Shui principles such as the Five Element theory, the Yin-Yang theory and the harmonious combination of various elements in order to best express specific energies. 1. Color 2. Shapes 3. Images & 4. Symbols

Here's How to Define the Feng-Shui Element of a Business.


Creative Studios, Restaurants, Cafes, Retail, Sports-related, etc. Best Colors: Green, brown, red, purple, magenta Colors to Avoid: Blue, black, earthy


Construction, Hospitality, Real Estate Development, Agriculture-related, etc. Best Colors: Red, purple, magenta, earthy Colors to Avoid: Grey, white, blue


Banking/Financial/Accounting, Tech Industry, Government Offices, Architect offices, etc. Best Colors: Earthy, white, grey Colors to Avoid: Red, purple, magenta, blue, black


Cleaning Services, Temp/Recruitment Agencies, Healing Businesses, Beauty Industry, etc. Best Colors: Blue, black, white, grey Colors to Avoid: Earthy, green, red, purple, magenta


Day Care/Schools/Universities, Floral Business, Clothing, Travel Agencies, Publishing Industry Best Colors: Green, brown, blue, black, earthy Colors to Avoid: Red, purple, magenta, white, grey

Interesting Tips

- Color is key. Enhance your logo with colors that are missing from the vibration of your company’s name.

- Use five elements sequence to enhance your brand

- Use the color or shape of the element to represent the category of your business. Or use the control cycle, for example, if your business is communication you could use color yellow/orange to control it (communication = blue) as Orange did with their square orange logo.

Do you think Feng-Shui can actually add value to your business logo or website? If you do, request a quote for a Feng-Shui based logo/brand design here.