Characteristics of a Successful Personal Blog

Characteristics of a Successful Personal Blog

What makes the widely popular personal blogs so successful? I came across more than a few exceptionally inspiring blogs recently. Looking at them, not only helped me understand what works but also inspired me to improve my own blog. Today, I'd like to share with you some of the characteristics that most of these blogs possess.

1. Objective & Planning

Don't mean to say something that's a cliche` but as a personal blog owner your readers can immediately tell whether or not you're passionate about the things you say. Also, there's a lot of planning that goes into making a blog popular. You need to have patience and keep your eyes on the prize. Having said that, don't set 'making money' as the one and only goal of blogging. Try and enjoy it and your readers will follow!

2. Personal Touch

A personal blog has to be different than a business blog. When you're running a personal blog, readers want to connect with you and not to a logo. Make sure you put up at least one photo of yourself so that people can relate to your writings and associate with your identity. Also, when writing articles about stuff that you can relate to in your life, don't hesitate to add your personal experiences in the post. Isn't sharing personal thoughts and ideas the whole point of having a personal blog? Additionally, work on making the blog design so that it reflects your personal style, even if you think your style might be a little too bold or might not appeal to each and every reader. It's impossible to appeal to every one of them but having a unique personal style is just like wearing clothes that you like. If you're comfortable and love what you were, you look great and your blog will too!

3. Clever Writing

No amount of efforts can help unless the blog itself has got awesome content. Be witty, funny as if you're actually talking to someone. Some of my favorite highly popular blogs have no social share icons, no easy buttons to join the writer on Facebook or Twitter and no obvious way to subscribe. But their content is SO good that it made me put efforts into searching for their newsletter signup, fan page and Twitter account and join them simply because I loved them!

4. Be Regular

Post new articles to your blog regularly. You can do this by keeping and following a schedule. If you're going to be busy for a while, simply write a post and inform your readers about it instead of just disappearing.

5. Easy Commenting

Make commenting on your blog posts as easy as you possibly can for your readers, preferably by offering social account commenting that lets users comment using their Facebook, Twitter or Google Login. This is very helpful because most of us, already logged into one of these accounts, then have no need to enter their name, email etc. again to comment. Disqus is a good tool for this. I hope these personal blog tips help you put more of yourself into your blog! I invite you all to join my Facebook page. Leave your comments and feedback. I'd love to read 'em.