Blog Tips: Pop-Up DOs & DON’Ts

Blog Tips: Pop-Up DOs & DON’Ts

Like it or not, pop-ups are one of the most effective marketing tools today. If used well, they're great for getting more newsletter subscriptions, more blog memberships owing to their power to capture the visitor's attention & highlight what you're offering. However, there are a number of things that can go wrong when you're using pop-ups as a marketing strategy. This is because most website owners make the mistake of thinking only from their own business marketing perspective, thereby ignoring the visitor's perspective.

Quite simply, you want the pop-ups to help your marketing efforts but not annoy the visitor to a point that he/she stops visiting your site altogether!

Here are some DOs and DON'Ts for using pop-ups effectively. These will help you get the best out of them.


1. Whatever you are showcasing on the pop-up, make sure it's functioning as it should. For example, if it's a newsletter subscription form, process some test subscriptions to see the entire process through before taking it live.

2. Make sure it's easy for the visitor to close the pop-up if he/she isn't interested. You can do this by having a prominent and easy-to-find 'Close' or 'No thanks' button. Your intention of using a pop-up should be to facilitate visitor access to something very important on your site; not to trick the visitor and force him/her to view something.

3. Before taking it live, test your pop-up to check what it looks like on various browsers and screen resolutions. If you're not careful, your pop-up might just extend out of the screen size or look messy when viewed using different resolutions. It might not even work on some browsers.  


1. Dont' let your pop-up be blocked by the visitors' browser. There’s a whole new generation of pop-ups that can’t be blocked by the browser’s popup blocking feature.

2. I have noticed that several blogs are using really bad pop-ups that are sure to drive visitors away. The problem with these pop-ups is they are too damn HEAVY! In a few seconds after the page loads, you see some text hanging around in a very unprofessional way, without any background design or image. It seems as if the page is just stuck and is no longer loading. This is because the pop-up's TEXT content loads quickly but its background image (being too heavy) takes another 5-6 seconds to load only after which you can make sense of the whole pop-up design.

Even if the pop-up loads just fine on your computer, never ignore the possibility that everyone's connectivity might not be just as good around the world. This not only creates a bad impression for your blog but also wastes the visitors' time.

To avoid this make sure the background or other images you use to design your pop-up are light in size. 3. Don't go overboard with your marketing technique. Set the pop-up such that it shows up once on any page a first-time visitor lands on or shows up for all visitors once every week etc. Do not annoy your visitors with pop-ups loading up every time on every page they visit. Nobody likes nagging!  

What I Recommend

I recommend using the Sume Me plugin for Wordpress as well as all other sites/platforms. It's full of features that you can enable/disable as per your needs - It's not just a pop-up plugin but also offers features like a notification bar, social sharing for images, twitter highlights and more.  

Do you have any pop-up related tips to add to our list?

I'd love to have you add them in comments below.