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A Busy Day, A Good News, Some Design Ideas & Cinnamon Tea

Keep Movin' is my mantra for the day.

It's not a lot of fun going to work on a Sunday when everyone else is in a laid back fun mood to enjoy the day and unwind. The offices around are closed and more often than not, there's not a single person to be seen in the building.

You know what they say - 'If you choose a job you love, you won't have to work a single day in your life'! That doesn't mean however that your Sunday can never be busier than you want it to be. Even if work is fun.

My day started with my favorite cinnamon and lemon tea and was mostly spent adding new designs to my store here & at Society6 and posting these home decor and other products on shopping sites like Wanelo, Keep & Polyvore. In case you haven't tried them, these social shopping networks are great for browsing and buying things from around the world that you would usually not find locally.

Do check out all my new designs here

Today morning I received word from the RedBubble team that one of my designs had been selected to be included in their 'Found' collection which showcases products/designs they particularly like, directly on their homepage. This gives my artwork a lot more exposure. See it here. My Floral Ampersand is the design they selected. This makes me feel so happy and appreciated! Last week one of my designs was showcased on Society6's featured collection and now it's RedBubble..

Ever since I started using Hootsuite, taking care of social networking has become much easier and faster. So I get to spend more time doing what I love - designing - and less time doing managerial work. That's very important if you're a designer running your own business. You gotta make an effort not to get caught up in the organizing, accounting and other necessary but boring tasks.

I then moved on to something I have been thinking of doing for a while now - changing some of my portfolio and logo design product mock-ups; because presentation is everything. If you too have an online store, never ignore the power of well taken photos. Every now and then I receive compliments from my site visitors about how they love the photos on the site and like the laid back look of the layout.

During the second half, I spent some time on Pinterest and got some really nice ideas for business card designs. I'll be working on these ideas and adding the cards to my store shortly. So stay tuned!

I also found two new sources to find Free stock photos for personal and commercial use! Here they are: Pexels.com and SplitShire.com

And now it's time to head home to my (just turned) 10-month old baby - Meera. If you're a parent, you'll agree - there's no other happiness quite like seeing your baby smile! P.S. The t-shirt in the picture + lifestyle collection carrying the same design above is available to order from our Live Heroes shop here.

How Was Your Day?