Tips to edesign your website and why

8 Tips to Redesign Your Website Using Latest Trends & Styles

Things change. Just like what was considered to be hot in fashion last year, may be frowned upon this year. The same goes for your website. A while ago you may have got it redesigned keeping the latest webdesign trends (then) in mind but as you go along you need to keep your site updated, from both point of views - Design & Usability. Here's what to keep in mind if you're thinking of getting your site revamped this year:

1. Responsive Layouts.

Mobile devices are in. Your website needs to look great not only on a desktop but on all kinds of mobile devices including phones & tablets, no matter what kind of a website or blog you have and what topics it deals with.

2. One Page Layouts.

These really look stylish and neat, provided you don't have too many pages. One page layouts basically have various sections (as pages) on a single page. So when you click on the navigation menu item or simply scroll down, you see different sections and content. These layouts usually come with a fancy little script that makes the scrolling smooth. So you can see why these will be a bad idea if you have a whole bunch of pages that people keep scrolling up and down to view.

3. Full width layouts with Parallax Sliders

This is surely the age of full width websites. Most sites you'll see around today are as wide as your screen width. This style usually comes with bigger fonts and even bigger photos. Another trend is having Parallax sliders that are some times full screen. They may also have elements that move around in response to your mouse movement. Here's an awesome example of Parallax sliding. Really cool stuff, huh?

5. Masonry Layouts

Pinterest style masonry layouts (variable height boxes) are a popular trend when it comes to presenting your blog page with several posts. Masonry boxes not only cut the predictable page layout but are also great in showing more posts without scrolling as opposed to the regular vertical list blog format. This kind of scrolling is called 'Infinite Scrolling'.

4. Designer Elements

This year, it's great to have custom designed elements for your site headers, widgets, footers, sidebars etc. You can go with any style of your design for these elements but make sure the style is consistent across all your pages.

6. Clean Layouts with Lots of White Spaces

Right now, it's all about uneven arrangements, clean design and lots of empty spaces around elements when it comes to websites and blogs. No one likes clutter. Spaces promote a sense of simplicity and can even help you get your visitor to focus at a certain section on the site.

7. Fixed Bar

Many websites today have a fixed bar that lets you keep your logo and navigation/links fixed at the top/bottom or sides of the visitors' screen no matter how far down the page they have scrolled down. You can see an example of this right here on my site. This is great for easy navigation and may also help your brand make a memorable impression.

8. Bigger and Better Photographs

This year, the photos you post on your site need to be more impressive and bigger - if you want them to attract more likes, shares and comments on Pinterest (here you need images with more height), Instagram and other image based networks.

Are you thinking of getting your website redesigned?

Got any questions? Do let me know and I'll be happy to answer.