7 Ways To Choose Happiness

7 Ways To Choose Happiness

I really DO believe that being happy is a choice. Of course you can't always be happy, when going through rough times everybody feels blue, but generally I think for some people being happy comes naturally while others have to make a conscious decision to bring happiness to themselves. Here are 7 ways to help you too find happiness every day.

1. Find Joy in Simple Things

If you've been traveling like crazy for a week and then finally have a day to sit back and have a cup of your favorite tea at home - remember how blissful it feels? What if you could feel such happiness every day? You can if you take a the 'getting used to' part out of your favorite every day things.

2. What Makes You Happy?

Find out what makes you happy. Most of us think of happiness as a destination that we will or will not reach at some point in life. But happiness is not a destination. It is NOW, if you choose it. For example, if you're too busy today trying to make a lot of money and if being rich is your dream, think about whether or not you would be happier at this very instant if you had more money. Usually the answer is no. Because in the end, it's not 'things' that make us happy, it's how we feel about ourselves, our relationships & our life. Are you a good friend? A good partner? parent? Son/daughter?

3. Look Good, Feel Good

Try to add fun to your day. For me this starts with dressing up nicely for work. If you look beautiful, you feel beautiful.This also includes making your home look good - tidy, clean & comfy.

4. No drama, please.

In life, there's no time for drama. You never get a day of your life back, so spend it wisely. Many times we don't think of the big picture and stress ourselves too much over things that don't matter in the big scheme of things. Don't be a drama queen. And don't be around people who are. Think about what people around you add to your life and choose your friends accordingly.

5. Spend Time With Family

With our busy schedules sometimes we don't give enough time to family even though it's what matters most. Unknowingly however, the guilt of not being there or not spending enough time with family can stress you out and even prevent you from giving your 100% at work. This is especially an issue if like me, you love your work and can happily spend forever doing it.

6. Bounce Back. Fast.

We all come across situations that make us really angry or upset. But you have to remember to make a conscious effort to snap out of it and get back to being happy as soon as possible.

7. Let go!

Remember how when we were kids, all that mattered was having fun TODAY? Down the road, as we shoulder more responsibilities in life we start constantly analyzing & worrying about things - tomorrow's meeting with the boss, kid's exam, their studies and what not. For me, it was obsessing about what my one year old eats for every meal, her sleep patterns, habits etc. It even got to a point where I felt I was not able to enjoy anything completely - Be it work, vacations or my hobbies. It took me a while to realize it was just unnecessary pressure. Things happened naturally and everything turned out just great. So let go! You deserve to have fun and be happy! Just as much fun as you had freely as a child.

What About You?

What challenges in your daily life prevent you from choosing happy?