Mobile apps that I'm loving right now and recommend for business owners

5 Mobile Apps I'm Lovin' Right Now

Here are some useful apps that I'm currently diggin' on my phone. These really help me run and promote my business quickly when I'm away from my desktop. Oh and Galaxy the phone case in the picture above is called 'Flamingo & Cactus' and it is available to order from our Casetify shop now! Here's your link.


A must-have for the modern mobile user. It's amazing how quickly you can build a good following on Instagram by posting awesome photos regularly. If you log in and see beautiful people posting stunning selfies in designer clothes all around, don't get scared! Not everyone on Instagram HAS to be a fashionista. You can post photos connected with your life or work. Without Louise Vuitton bags and Jimmy Choo shoes. Or celebrity looks. Follow me here.


Think of this as 'Retweeting' on Instagram. This nifty app helps you save instagram photos you like - posted by others- and then repost them in an ethical way with the user's name and handle displayed on the photo in an overlaid strip. Get it here.


This is a great for for promoting my designs licensed to Society6. Since it's a social shopping platform, it's the best place to promote your products because everyone there is there to shop. Start shopping & promoting here. Also, Follow me here.

Fee CalC

This one's truly a lifesaver. It calculates PayPal's transaction charges for any amount you enter for any country. The best part is it also offers a reverse calculation. E.g. If I want to charge USD 200 for a logo design, I can enter 200 and it will give me the amount I need to charge in order to receive USD 200 after PayPal deducts their own transaction charges. It's a really handy tool for every freelancer. Get it here


Another must-have for...well anyone. It's basically the most user-friendly bookmarking tool I have ever come across. I use it regularly on my desktop and my phone to save stuff I like at first glance and want to read in detail later. This includes blog articles, tutorials, freebies etc. Get it here P.S. The phone case in the picture above is called 'Fruit Shower' and you treat yourself to one via our Society6 shop here.

Share Your List

So what are the apps you have and love on your phone? Do share them here so that if I like them, I can include them in my list above.