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7-Point Plan To Double Your Followers, Responses & Sales on Society6 by artist & logo designer Uma Gokhale

7-Point Plan To Double Your Followers, Responses & Sales on Society6

I’ve been a member of Society6 for a while now but I really started to put efforts into getting more sales there only 6 months ago. Since then I have noticed certain things that have benefited me in terms of substantially growing my followers and sales more through this great network.

1. Be Consistent

Keep a time of your day dedicated to designing a specific number of pieces every day. I aim to design at least two pieces every day and I try to do more if I have some free time after I’m done with my Logo design project tasks for the day. Remember, every piece you publish doesn’t HAVE to be a masterpiece. Some can be good, some can be average and some can be your best. Everyone has their own choice and taste. A design you think is average could become really popular with others.

2. Craft Your Storefront

Make your store profile speak to your audience. Add a photo showcasing your most popular products in the cover page. Then add either your photo or your logo to your profile photo and write an insightful bio for yourself – this can include what inspires you, how you make art, your speciality along with how people can contact you via email, your website & Instagram.

3. Reply to Comments

Reply to each and every comment your receive AND do it at different times of the day. Why? Let me explain.
If you notice, on your ‘My Society’ & ‘My Posts’ page, the posts that have recently been liked or commented on move up to the top. This helps you keep track of your latest comments. So if you received 5 comments on different designs, don’t just reply to all 5 comments at the same time. Reply to one of them in the morning time, another in the afternoon and so on, because you see, the posts that receive some activity move to the top – not just for you, but for YOUR FOLLOWERS TOO – which means more exposure for your art.
Also, instead of responding with just ‘Thanks’, you can also invite them to visit your website (mention your link there) to find out more about your work.

4. Follow, Like, Comment

Society6 is a Community. To get more interaction for your work you need to follow other people’s work, like the work that impresses you and post comments. Most people will want to check out the profile of the person who wrote a nice comment on their art.

5. Instagram

If you don’t have an account already, create one on Instagram (It’s Free). It’s my No. 1 social channel to regularly promote my art, Society6 products and attract more clients.

6. Other Social Networks

Don’t forget to promote your old and new products on your social networks like Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest.

7. Be Patient

Once you have all your promotional activities set up, last but probably the most important point is to be patient. When I started off, it was months before I saw ANY sort of activity on my designs. Just keep posting good stuff and stand by. Eventually your profile and pieces WILL start getting the attention they deserve.

I hope these tips help you get more activity and ultimately more sales through Society6.
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