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7-Point Plan To Double Your Followers, Responses & Sales on Society6 by artist & logo designer Uma Gokhale

7-Point Plan To Double Your Followers, Responses & Sales on Society6

I’ve been a member of Society6 for a while now but I really started to put efforts into getting more sales there only 6 months ago. Since then I have noticed certain things that have benefited me in terms of substantially growing my followers and sales more through this great network.

1. Be Consistent

Keep a time of your day dedicated to designing a specific number of pieces every day. I aim to design one artwork every day. Remember, every piece you publish doesn’t HAVE to be a masterpiece. Some can be good, some can be average and some can be your best. Everyone has their own choice and taste. A design you think is average could become really popular with others.

2. Craft Your Storefront

Make your store profile speak to your audience. Add a photo showcasing your most popular products in the cover page. Then add either your photo or your logo to your profile photo and write an insightful bio for yourself – this can include what inspires you, how you make art, your specialty along with how people can contact you via email, your website & Instagram.

3. Reply to Comments

Reply to each and every comment your receive AND do it at different times of the day. Why? Let me explain.
If you notice, on your ‘My Society’ & ‘My Posts’ page, the posts that have recently been liked or commented on move up to the top. This helps you keep track of your latest comments. So if you received 5 comments on different designs, don’t just reply to all 5 comments at the same time. Reply to one of them in the morning time, another in the afternoon and so on, because you see, the posts that receive some activity move to the top – not just for you, but for YOUR FOLLOWERS TOO – which means more exposure for your art.
Also, instead of responding with just ‘Thanks’, you can also invite them to visit your website (mention your link there) to find out more about your work.

4. Follow, Like, Comment

Society6 is a Community. To get more interaction for your work you need to follow other people’s work, like the work that impresses you and post comments. Most people will want to check out the profile of the person who wrote a nice comment on their art.

5. Instagram

If you don’t have an account already, create one on Instagram (It’s Free). It’s my No. 1 social channel to regularly promote my art, Society6 products and attract more clients.

6. Other Social Networks

Don’t forget to promote your old and new products on your social networks like Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest.

7. Be Patient

Once you have all your promotional activities set up, last but probably the most important point is to be patient. When I started off, it was months before I saw ANY sort of activity on my designs. Just keep posting good stuff and stand by. Eventually your profile and pieces WILL start getting the attention they deserve.

I hope these tips help you get more activity and ultimately more sales through Society6.
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Maria elisa

Hi! your post it´s really good and helpfull, i´m wondering … where can i find this “post and sell” thing i dont have it (find it). Thank you.

Monica Galvan

Beautiful blog! Love your feature graphic images 🙂
Monica |

Uma Gokhale

Thanks so much Monica! 🙂

Eva Shorey

So helpful! Thankyou!

Uma Gokhale

Thanks so much Eva!

Thomas Giles

great tips. Thanks! Spacing out comment replies is clever. I’m new so patience and consistency is probably big for me right now. you can find my store at

Uma Gokhale

Hey Thomas! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment 🙂 I hope these tips help you get more sales over at Society6! Do let me know how it goes..

Jacqueline Mariel

Great tips, thank you! just starting out myself as well. definitely going to follow your blog closely.

Uma Gokhale

Thanks so much @jacquelinemariel:disqus ! I will definitely check out your work 🙂

Becca C

Thanks for this post! I just set up my store on Society6 yesterday – I’ll keep all your tips in mind 🙂

Uma Gokhale

Hi @beccacovey:disqus ! Thanks so much for visiting and for leaving a comment. I will definitely check out your designs and do let me know if you need any help or have any questions moving along 🙂


This is fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing! Please check out my Society6 store at

Uma Gokhale

I will @vervecam:disqus ! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂

anne corr

I wish I had known these things months ago!! Great advice and well written posts. YOu are doing an outstanding job!

Uma Gokhale

Thanks so much @annecorr:disqus ! Great to know the tips helped you 🙂 I will check out your designs shortly 🙂


Hello! Thanks for the tips! Haha, I just realized that I do actually follow you on Society6 and stumbled upon this Blog post…what a coincidence! Anyway, I have a question about commenting. When replying to a comment, does the original commenters know that you are replying? Society6 doesn’t seem like they have a very interactive way of handling comments. There are no reply buttons or like buttons and they don’t even let me know when people have commented on my posts! I just have to end up checking EVERY product to see if there are any comments and that can be a chore sometimes….

Uma Gokhale

Hi @JuneLove6597:disqus, Thanks for reading my post and leaving a comment. You’re right, Society6 has only basic commenting features and NO notifications which is sometimes a problem. Like I mentioned in my post, the only way to find new comments on your posts is to go to ‘My Society6’ > ‘My Posts’ and check the ones that appear on top because they are on top since they have received either a like or a comment. I hope this helps! Off to check out your work now 🙂


Well, this is a great post! I am on S6 almost since the very beginning and it has remained a very silent shop for me, as I do much better on Etsy. And since I am also a full-time lifestyle photographer, I end up not working that hard for my shops to do better, but I really wanted that, because there’s always benefits in having a passive income, right? 🙂 I have just checked your shop and is amazing!! Congrats on such a lovely work! *

Uma Gokhale

Hi @disqus_Ccfg2LaqBn:disqus! Thanks so much for dropping by 🙂 It’s great to have fellow artists visit this post. I’m off to check out your shop now. Thanks a lot for your appreciation of my work! Do you have a website? Would love to look at your lifestyle photography work as well 🙂

Rebecca Bookwalter

Great post! Just got started on Society6, and found your advice helpful! Your work is beautiful! Thanks!

Uma Gokhale

Thanks so much for dropping by @rebeccabookwalter:disqus ! I am looking through your designs now 🙂

Madison Pollihan

Thank you for this post! I’ll definitely be putting this advice to use.

Uma Gokhale

Hi @madisonpollihan:disqus ! Thanks so much for reading my post and for your comment.


This is so helpful, thanks so much! It really answered some questions I had about getting started on Society6. Have a great day!

Uma Gokhale

Hi @disqus_6AdURXdTqC:disqus ! Great to know the post was helpful!

alexandria kuo

I joined Society 6 in May but don’t have much of a clue on how to make sales. Thank you for your post! and love your website! Please feel free to check out my shop. Cheers!

Uma Gokhale

Hi Alexandria! Just be consistent and keep posting popular art!

Shannelle C

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of Wanelo. What is it, really? And I’d really love to know what you think of my store:

Uma Gokhale

Hi @shannellec:disqus ! Nice shop 🙂 Wanelo is a social shopping site where you can market your products. You should try it!


Thank You for these helpful tips. Wow I have really got to be more consist with my posts. I just started society6 at the begging of this month. I love your work!

Uma Gokhale

You’re welcome @disqus_vwx6qukzE4:disqus ! Great to know the tips helped you.


Thank you for these tips! As a new “artist” on Society6 I really think these tips will work for me! I just stopped by your artist page, and I must say that i love your work!

Uma Gokhale

Thanks @Jonas ! For visiting and leaving a comment. Yes, being a beginner on Society6 can be tough and disappointing but you just gotta hang in there and be consistent 🙂 Great to know my article helped you. I just checked out your profile and really liked some of your work.

Absentis Designs

Thank you for these tips! I am a begginer on Society6. I just started 2 months ago but I am a little discouraged. I work hard but I don’t get results. I don’t know how Society6 works. Do they choose artworks manually or everything is automatic? For example, I have a design with 71 promotes and never has been on Discover or on the front page; however I often see ugly artworks (in my opinion) with 50 promotes on that page. Do you know how they take these decisions? You make a wonderful work!!!!!!

Uma Gokhale

Hi @absentisdesigns:disqus ! Thanks for dropping by. I think they manually choose artworks and the response you get – along with the quality of your designs – also hugely depends upon your popularity as an artist & the consistency with which you upload new art and not just the popularity of a particular design. There are designs that have over 3000 promotes and yes it takes a lot of effort to compete against them so I completely understand how discouraging it can be sometimes for new sign ups. But just hang in there and things should change! 🙂 Best of luck!

Absentis Designs

Thanks so much, Uma. 🙂

Kristen Victoria

Great tips! I’ve been with Society6 for years and have made decent sales but I’ve been really frustrated with how they favor certain art and specific artists, sometimes promoting a single design 3-4 times on Instagram in the span of a few weeks. They obviously have their favorites, and that’s a huge advantage to those sellers, which is a little unfair in my opinion. I feel like they should be trying to promote everyone.

Uma Gokhale

Hi @kristen_victoria:disqus ! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting 🙂 I personally have not come across any issues with the Society6 team but it’s helpful to know other people’s experiences. I have just been putting all my time into posting my artworks on as many good platforms as I can find and haven’t as yet observed how Society6 has their own favorites. Every time I upload a new artwork, I get an email saying the team has selected it, is that what you mean by them favoring certain art? Do send a link to your shop and I will follow/promote 🙂

Melissa Showers

Hi Uma 🙂 thanks for the tips! I just joined and am learning new things about Society 6 everyday through trial and error and research…which is how I came across your post. Helpful tips! I’ve only been on few weeks, so don’t feel the major frustration yet. Keep up the fab work ♡


Great article, I’m new and try to post two to three new designs a day. It definitely can be frustrating getting noticed. Have you found that abstract or expressionist art doesn’t do as well?

Uma Gokhale

Hi there @ks787:disqus ! Thanks a lot for visiting and leaving a comment. Wow! That’s really admirable..2-3- designs a day is a lot of work. Keep it up 🙂 Yes, it does seem they have certain protocols on what art to showcase based on – I don’t know what really. But regardless of the feature, you can make a lot of sales if your designs are popular with the clients/audience.

Andres Gonzalez

Great tips!!! Thank you so much for sharing this! I am starting to sell and it’s quite difficult to get audience, but as you said we have to be patient. Thank you !


Very helpful and encouraging. Thank you xx


Great tips and article uma, may I ask if what month you sell best in society6? Can atleast 4 months, 1 I know is december. What are the 3 months for you? Thank you.

Uma Gokhale

Hi there! For me it’s all year long. And better during the promotions #society6 does you know like free shipping etc.


Bit late to the show, but I am new comer to Society6 and found this article super helpful, many thanks!

Uma Gokhale

Thanks so much for visiting and for leaving a comment @burnin@burningfp:disqus ! Do post a link to your #society6 shop so my readers & I can visit and promote!

Hervé D.

Hello Uma, this is a super useful article. Many thanks! I opened a shop on Society6 a few months ago and got some sales but not so much. Now, I know how to do to promote my work! I’m really grateful! 😉

Uma Gokhale

Thanks so much @H@hdenjean:disqus for visiting and for leaving comment. It’s great to know my tips were helpful! Do post a link to your #Society6 shop so my readers & I can follow 🙂

Hervé D.

Hi Uma. Thank you for your answer. The link to my #Society6 shop is already at the end of my post. 😉 Have a great day!


great article, perfect to start!

Corbin Henry

Terrific article! I’ve been following your art for a long time now, and truly appreciate your connection there, and your artwork, of course! I joined Society6 in 2011, and you taught me some new things with this article. Thank you for that! If anybody cares to see my shop, here’s the link

Uma Gokhale

Thanks so much @disqus_sJPuicDmOY:disqus for dropping by and letting me know the article was helpful. I really appreciate it. I am now heading over to your Society6 shop to check it out!

Uma Gokhale

Hi @disqus_QEm4xzxwE6:disqus ! Thanks for reading my post and for your comment 🙂 Social media promotions play a huge part in S6 marketing so I suggest you start investing time in those activities if you are not doing that already. There are some Society6 groups on Facebook but I’m not that into posting regularly in those groups. Instagram can work wonders.

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