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4 Tips to Engage Your Website Visitors

4 Tips to Engage Your Website Visitors

It’s not just enough to have a lot of visitors to your website or blog.
If you’re trying to promote something, you need to engage your users and have them spend a good time on the site.
During my 10+ years experience in the web industry, I have seen that this has two very important benefits among many.
a) This increases chances that any promotions that you’re doing or advertisements about the products your selling will catch your visitors’ eye.
b) It gives you a chance to encourage your visitors to basically sign up for something – this can be a free account on your site if yours is a membership-driven site or a newsletter sign up etc. The motive is to get your users to connect with you by email subscription so later you can keep in touch with them by sending newsletters, new offers etc. After all getting leads is the primary purpose of having a strong internet presence, isn’t it?
For this, you need to treat your visitors special and make them feel welcome. Try to offer a decent number of related helpful things to look around when they land on your site keeping in mind that that moment is your opportunity to shine, stand out. Think from your visitor’s point of view. What other related deals, products or just information would interest a visitor that has chosen to visit your business site?
For example, if you are in the medical field offering services in a particular locality, you can start a blog that would offer your visitors daily health tips.
You also need to be innovative with your ideas, you can’t just get your website set up and then leave it. There are new ideas and tools coming up everyday, tools that your competitors are sure to benefit from if you don’t.
Here are 4 tips that I think can definitely bring about a significant change in how your visitors see your site and the time they spend there:

1. Be Generous

Don’t just expect people to visit your site and give up their email address for nothing. If they are making a good gesture by trusting you with their email address, it’s only fair that you offer them something in return. This can be something like a downloadable PDF with helpful information or a discount etc.

2. Let Visitors Sign up/Log in Quickly

Even if you’re not a fan of Facebook or Twitter yourself, that doesn’t mean your visitors aren’t. Implementing social network logins on your site can be some work using tools like Open ID but it’s worth it because today people want things done real fast. They don’t want the hassle of filling up forms on your site, especially when other popular sites are letting them sign up and login using their existing social network account information.

3. Offer Live Support

It’s a good idea to offer a live support desk or chat feature to answer any questions your website visitors may have about what you offer. Your visitors will always prefer to have a quick interaction with you to get their queries resolved than shooting emails back and forth over a day or two.

4. Dynamic Content

Use a different sidebar on each of your webpages and have the sidebar load specific content based on the main content of the page. If yours is a membership site, display live updates made by other members. This can give your site an overall busy/live look. Regularly updated polls, photos, videos, automatically rotating lists & photos of other recent posts can definitely boost your visitor browsing time. Additionally, install an easy and quick comment system like Disqus.
I hope these ideas can help you and encourage you to come up with your own innovative ideas to add to the time your visitors spend on your site.

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