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4 New Places To Sell Your Art Online

4 New Places To Sell Your Art Online

If you’re an artist looking to make money by selling your art online, this post is just for you. When using print-on-demand sites to sell you work, it’s not wise to depend on just one channel. You need to stay updated and keep looking for new places that can add to your earnings. If you’ve been around for a while, you probably already know about Society6, Redbubble, Casetify & Zazzle so I’ll jump right to the rest of them.

Before we start, FYI, the artwork above is available as prints, decor & lifestyle products via our Society6 & other stockists. Do check out our Stores page for more info.

Now, there are dozens of sites that come up if you Google Print-on-Demand services. Trust me, I have tried all of them by signing up and uploading some artwork. Based on my personal experience, following is the list I have compiled of sites that actually work and have some kind of interaction going. Most others just seem dead and/or have an extremely outdated and hence discouraging website design. They let you create your profile and upload your work but by the time you get a comment/like (forget an actual sale!) you’ll probably be retired. The sole purpose of me sharing this list is to save you fellow artists time that I myself spent setting up shop on several similar platforms in the past year!

1. LiveHeroes

Live Heroes is a Poland-based on-line platform that lets you create a custom piece of clothing. It offers a range of apparels & accessories that you can customize by uploading your own artwork & then sell. The principle is basically the same as that of Society6 or Redbubble. Just create and account and start selling! My favorite products include swim wear, bean bags, winter hats & sweaters as these are not available on Society6/Redbubble. LiveHeroes does not however, offer Art prints.
Uploading art to this site, I have noticed, is the fastest among the competitors. The process is self-explanatory and the interface is user-friendly. Their license to sell your art is non-exclusive which means you can continue selling your art elsewhere in addition to your store at LiveHeroes.
Here’s a link to my store.

2. Curioos

Curioos is all about Art prints. It does not offer apparels or accessories. You need to create an account and then ‘Request an Invitation‘ to start selling your artwork on this platform. Their license to sell your art is non-exclusive.
Visit curioos here.

3. Shop Vida

Shop Vida is high-end fashion. It offers a limited range of products like tops, t-shirts, men’s square pockets, scarves etc. You need to create an account, upload some designs to create a collection & submit the collection. Upon review and approval by the Shop Vida team, you will be able to get your brand page and start selling.
Here’s a link to my Vida collection.

4. Fine Art America

Fine Art America offers a range of decor, fashion, tech & lifestyle products. You can sign up for an Artist Account here The platform attracts a lot of activity with an Activity Stream page, groups and other social features similar to Redbubble. Here’s a link to my shop! See you there.

5. MiPic

This is UK’s popular print-on-demand site. They’ve got a range of quality products from t-shirts, art frames to pillows, swim wear & more. Uploading is easy but you can not, as of now, upload different size images for different products. Comission percentage is good and an acrylic float can earn you up to a good $30 per unit sold. Check out our latest collections here.
Saatchi Art is another site that offers high royalty percentages.
I hope my list helps you explore new ways to earn online using your art! Do share your own experiences using comments below to help our readers further.

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