Web design trends

Web Design Trends Vol. 2

This season, it’s all about being unpredictable, unusual & using abstract elements when it comes to standing out online. Here are the web design trends that are worth noting.

Web Design trends Vol.2

Text Over Image

I love it when a part of text appears over a background image. To make this happen, you can use the background-position property in CSS or simply upload .PNG images with some transparent area included and then arrange your text over them.

This is easier if your site has a visual composer. If not you can hire a professional web designer to custom code a layout for you.

If you’re using WordPress, there are tons of themes in the market that come bundled with the Visual Composer plugin. You can see this kind of an arrangement on some of the elements on our ‘About‘ page.

Overlapping Images

Overlapping Images or stacked images give a certain no-template-y look to your layout. You can stack images on different layers in Photoshop and then simply save the entire block of design in .PNG format to include the transparent areas.

Vertical Text

Vertical text looks is just cool. Period. I think everyone will agree. It just makes your layout push the envelope. Easy to use, too! Here’s a simple CSS trick to make any text show up with a vertical alignment.

transform: rotate(270deg) !important;
transform-origin: left top 0 !important; float: left;

Uneven Grid-Based Galleries

These are basically a number of images of different sizes grouped together and displayed in an aesthetically pleasing way. The structure can be simple block-based, masonry etc.
Galleries like these make your photos look great and usually have wonderfully soft mouse-hover effects.

Hero Images With Big Headlines

These are great to make a strong impact as soon as a visitor lands on your website. They’re usually in a bold all-caps font like ‘Montserrat’ and some times have a transparency effect.

Unusual Navigation & Placements

If you are into abstract unpredictable layouts, this is your time to shine. Out-of-the-box, minimal artsy designs are the order of the season. The online community is enjoying lots of whites, greys, blacks along with images that look like they have been randomly pinned to the page much like a pinboard.

Abstract Brand Elements

It is today common practice for brands to have at least a couple of versions of their logo. One can be the full logo, another can be the short version, there can be one more version that will be used as the logo stamp and so on. Additionally there are brand elements that are used on the brand stationary, website etc. These can be geometric elements like – lines, triangles and other shapes, illustrations, patterns and more.


What are your thoughts?

What are your favorite web design styles this season? Are there any trends you’d like to see more of –
or less of? Do share your thoughts by posting a comment below. You’re also welcome to post links to/photos of web designs that inspire you.