The Marketing Plugin Every Website Needs & a Few Cool Customizations

About a month ago I found this multifaceted plugin called Sumo Me. The name’s weird, I know – when I first read it, it reminded me of sumo wrestlers. I guess you can say the plugin itself with its many built-in features is as powerful as a sumo wrestler. Okay, that sounds lame. Anyway, the plugin is anything but.

Sumo me packs everything you need to market your business to your website visitors. And it costs you, well nothing. The best things in life really ARE free.

Anyone who has a website should, in my opinion, get this plugin installed. It works on WordPress as well as HTML sites. If you’re on WordPress, download the plugin here, install & activate it. If you’re on a different platform, visit this link, just click on ‘Try it Now’ and grab the install code here.

Once installed, you’ll see the Sumo Crown icon on your website’s right side. Click on it to open the options/settings panel. Here’s you’ll see an icon named ‘Sumo Store’. Click on it to see and enable the Free Apps that come with this power-packed plugin.

List Builder

This is your subscription/opt-in popup app. You can set it up to encourage your users to sign up for your newsletter, view a specific page/post or get their attention to whatever it is that you want to promote. This app comes with built-in integrations with email services like Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, Emma etc. You can choose the free default template or buy one of their premium ones. You can also choose the size of the popup, fonts, buttons colors and more.

Scroll Box

This is another kind of popup. It’s different than the List Builder in a way that it lets you change its position to say a corner of the screen and set a scroll percentage/pixels for the popup to appear. For example, if you set it to 50%, the popup will appear once your visitor has scrolled down half the page.

Smart Bar

This is your alert/notice bar. You can set it up to display at the top of your page & use it to collect email addresses from your new subscribers, advertise a limited offer and more.


This adds a static or floating social share bar to your website right out of the box. Along with the usual sharing networks it’s got some really cool and rare networks/apps to share to – like WhatsApp and SMS. You can choose your share bar location from a number of options and also set a background color and size.

Image Sharer

This adds a social sharing short bar to all your images when you hover over them, making it easy for your visitors to share your visual content. The sharing options include Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. You can exclude images that have links and change the button position.


When a visitor clicks & selects some content on your site, this app automatically opens a window that helps him/her share the selected content to Facebook & Twitter.

Contact Form

The contact form comes with a customizable Contact tab that’s easy to access for your visitors no matter where they are on your site. It also generates an auto-response to new enquiries.

Content Analytics
This app helps you visualize your visitors habits with color scroll maps, see which sections of a page or blog post get the most views, get the exact percentages for each page/post.
You can use this data to determine the ideal spot for CTAs & Bonuses.

Heat Maps

Heat Maps let you run unlimited number of heat map campaigns with real-time stats on exactly where your website visitors are clicking. Needless to say this can really help you put your most important content in the right places.

All of these apps have Pro features that you can upgrade to if required but for a standard site, trust me – a Free plan is all you’ll need.


Cool Customizations


Make Share bar Full-width and pin it to the Bottom

The share bar, by default, show up as a fixed-width bar in the location you choose from the given options and it spans out at the bottom of the screen ONLY in mobile view.

I loved this hack that lets you show your share bar in fixed full-width mode at the bottom of your screen on all devices – desktops & mobile.

To do this, after installing the ‘Share’ app, go to ‘Settings’ and in the ‘Mobile Width’ section, set the width to 1440. You can also change the background color here. Cool, huh? This little hack increased my site’s share count overnight.


Make List Builder Popup REALLY BIG

Recently I came across a site that had this awesome full-screen popup that I thought looked really nice. It prevented any distraction by the content of the page behind and let visitors take a moment to read what was right in front of them and then if they like it, subscribe.

I wanted this on my site but the Sumo Me plugin only offered three size settings – small, medium & Xtra large however, their Xtra Large was nothing like the popup I had in mind – Not in terms of size and not in terms of look.

So, I set my List Builder popup to Xtra Large, punched in my background, button & heading color code in the settings and then added the following code to my theme’s stylesheet to override Sumo Me’s default style.


.sumome-popup-overlay a.sumome-popup-link { display:none !important}
.sumome-popup-res-xlarge { bottom:90px !important; top:0 !important; right:0 !important; width:90% !important; height:86% !important; padding-top:40px !important; padding-bottom:40px !important; padding-left:140px !important; padding-right:140px !important; }
.sumome-popup-form { top: 50% !important; transform: translateY(-50%) !important;}
.sumome-popup-theme, .sumome-popup-modal-bg { border-radius:0 !important; -webkit-border-radius: 0 !important; }
@media only screen and (max-width: 1000px) and (min-width: 1px) {
.sumome-popup-res-xlarge { bottom:40px !important; top:40 !important; right:0 !important; width:90% !important; height:86% !important; padding:40px !important;}
.sumome-popup-form { top: 0 !important; transform: none !important; }


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