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    The Copper / Rose Gold Rush

    Uma Gokhale August 4, 2016 / Everything Web, Inspiration & Finds

    I’m loving how lately we are seeing a lot of copper pretty much in all kind of designs from interiors to logo design and from apparel to tech accessories. Copper I think lends a classy and stylish look to anything without being too flashy or pretentious – And to me it look more stunning and exotic than gold does. Rose gold is comes in a close second and is much more feminine than copper.

    Because I can’t get enough, I already have copper as one of my brand colors! I recently got a couple of Pandora copper charms so I can take my copper with me everywhere I go. I’m also looking at varieties of copper lamps to get for our new home that should be ready in the next couple of weeks! Can’t wait to move in to our new space and start decorating!

    So here’s some inspiration followed by a buying list just for you!


    Buying List

    Copper Mr. & Mrs. mugs

    Copper his & her mugs

    These cute copper Mr. & Mrs. mugs from The Label Life are perfect for you and your spouse to sip hot coffee from every morning! They also make a great gift – especially for newly weds.
    You can buy them here..


    Rose Gold Bath Accessories

    Copper bath accents

    You can order this beautiful bath accessories set from Anthropologie here..


    Rose Gold Geometric Lamp

    Copper Geometric Lamps

    I just adore geometric lamps, table stands and the works that combine copper worth a geometric structure. You can buy this gorgeous lamp here..


    Copper & Marble Candle Holder

    Copper Marble Candle Set

    This Marble Candle Holder from Resident GP has a raw base and the shiny, glowing top gives the Chunk variants a rough and romantic look. Designed by Andreas Engesvik, an Oslo based designer aiming to reduce the gap between design and arts and crafts. Buy here..


    Your Two Cents

    What do you think of this trend?? Are you a fan? Do share photos of your copper and rose gold stuff using the comments section below.

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