custom branding for floral business

Emma Lea

[un_hero_head_1 size=”h1″ icon=”un-l-icon-uniE000″ info_special=””]
[un_hero_head_1 size=”h1″ separator=”true” use_icon=”true” icon=”un-l-icon-uniE018″ title=”Emma Lea” description=”Emma designs wedding flowers in a wild
and free style using rich colors, lush greens,
petal-rich blooms, and unique textures.

She was looking for something that could be
convertible. An attractive font that can be used on
its own or with a small design element, and a more
expressive full logo to best communicate her brand.” url=”url:javascript%3Avoid(0)%3B|||” label=”floral”]

Custom branding for floral business
Custom branding for floral business