Branding for naturalist

Sadhvi Singh

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[un_hero_head_1 size=”h1″ separator=”true” use_icon=”true” icon=”un-l-icon-uniE018″ title=”Sandhvi Singh” description=”Sadhvi works as a naturalist with Taj Safaris,
a part of Taj Resorts, recognised as one of
Asia’s largest and finest hotel company.

She wanted a business card design that was
creative and really reflected the spirit of the safari
and the overall experience for her clients.
So I put together this Business Card Design for
Naturalist Sadhvi, a design that reminded me of
the time I myself spent with her driving through
the forests of Panna National Park during my
Taj Safari trip last year.

The concept was to design the card to have a feel
of the forest and the wild safari with a short note
on what can be expected from a naturalist.
The fonts used have a cultural earthy feel that
goes with the location of the park, Madhyapradesh, India.” url=”url:javascript%3Avoid(0)%3B|||” label=”travel” info_special=””]

Branding for naturalist
Branding for naturalist
Branding for naturalist
Branding for naturalist