How to make your design work look unmissable

How to Make Your Work Look Unmissable

Lately, have you noticed everyone around is posting really impressive images of their work?

These images are really long as they are made of several smaller images stacked over each other. They’re a great way to showcase all your images connected with a single project as if they’re telling a story of how the project/product was developed. This style of presentation is especially popular on Pinterest.

Last week I did a little research on how several images can be joined to make a single image. Fast. The obvious way to do it for a graphic designer like me, of course, is using Photoshop. But I wanted to make the process even faster and hassle-free so that I could even ask my assistant (who is not a Photoshop user) to do it going forward.

My research first brought me to a tool called Pin Them All. It looks nice but for me, it was unacceptable to PAY to get such a simple thing done.

Photo Joiner

I looked further and found this online tool called Photo Joiner!
It’s Free. It offers layout options for joining images horizontally or vertically and for adding margins between the photos. It was a great find! Since then, I have started posting my own stylish portfolio images on Pinterest and other social media where they’re getting much more appreciation than they did before.

You can check some examples here in My Portfolio.

You should try it too. Do let me know how it works for you and please go ahead and post some of your results in comments below.

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