I recently subscribed to Buffer’s Awesome plan for Social media management. And with that found a WordPress plugin that channels random posts from my website to my Buffer queue based on the time intervals I set. the plugin is really helpful especially on busy days when I just don’t have time to manually post something however, I soon noticed that it posts only regular blog posts, and ignores my custom posts – Portfolio & Products.

This was unacceptable as I needed the plugin to share all my site content. I checked their site and forums only to find that the plugin developers are thinking of releasing a premium version (no idea when) that might offer the option to include custom posts types. I just couldn’t wait that long so I figured our a code hack of my own to make it work Now.

Here it is:

Step 1.

Go to Plugins > Editor in your WordPress admin dashboard
(I assume you have already installed the ‘Buffer My Post’ plugin, if not, get it here and then come to this step.)

Step 2.

On the right top, select ‘Buffer My Post’ as the Plugin you want to edit. And then select ‘buffer-my-post/bmp-core.php’ as the file to edit from the files listed in the right side column.

Step 3.

Find this code below:

$post_type = "post_type = '$bmp_opt_post_type' AND";

And replace it with the following code:

$post_type="(post_type = 'post' OR post_type = 'portfolio-item' OR post_type = 'product') AND";

You can of course, change the custom post type names here (portfolio-item & product) as per your own setup as need.

Step 4.

Now, go to your ‘Buffer My Post’ plugin settings page and in the Post Type Option (described as – What type of items do you want to share?), make sure the ‘Post Only’ option is selected from the drop down. Save your new settings.

All Done!

Check your connected social media accounts in a couple of hours to confirm that your ‘Buffer My Post’ plugin is in fact sharing your custom posts as well as regular posts.