How to make Wordpress menu link open in a new tab

How To Make a WordPress Menu Link Open in a New Tab

If, like me, you too want to give your readers an easy way to get to your other important links online – These can be your other websites or blogs, affiliates, social networks, any licensed designs/products that you sell through third party sites like Society, Redbubble etc. you probably want to add these external links to your WordPress menu but, you definitely do not want your website page itself to take your visitor there (because it’s never a good idea to take your readers/visitors AWAY from YOUR website where they should be spending the most of their time) but you want to open these links via a new tab/window.

Through this doesn’t SEEM possible, it IS and it’s quite simple actually, the option is just kind of hidden.

1. Log in to your self-hosted WordPress website dashboard and click on the Menu tab.
2. Click on the drop down arrow next to the menu item you want to open in a new tab.
3. If you do not see a ‘Open Link in a New Window/Tab’ check box option, click on the ‘Screen Options’ drop down at the top right of your dashboard webpage.
4. Under ‘Show advanced menu properties’, check ‘Link Target’.
5. Now you should see the option to open your menu item in a new window or tab. Check that option in your menu item drop down settings and hit save!