Guess Who Society6 gave a Shout-Out to This Weekend?

Guess Who Society6 gave a Shout-Out to This Weekend?

Guess Which artist Society6 featured in their weekend mailer? Yup, me! I was super excited to be chosen among the millions of artists they review for their showcase feature.

You can browse our latest decor, fashion, tech & lifestyle collection here.

Here are some of my latest designs that have been featured by the platform.

Society6 featured artist Uma Gokhale

Lovely Botanical

Botanical pattern Duvet covers & comforters Society6 83 Oranges


This one’s called ‘Lovely Botanical’. It’s perfect if you want to add a little ‘lush’ to your decor with nature-themed window curtains, duvet covers, comforters, tapestries and more.
It’s available to order here →


Banana Leaf Watercolor

Banana leaf pillows decor Society6


Banana leaf pillows decor Society6


This one’s our best-seller available with a range of products here → This Banana Leaf watercolor pattern can instantly add a tropical element to your decor as well as your wardrobe and accessories.


Tropical Winter

Tropical Winter Tapestry Society6


Here’s another one with a fabulous botanical print perfect for a day at the beach or a cozy day at home. Order here →


Stay Gold

Gold abstract art tapestry Society6


This Polka dots & Gold Abstract wall tapestry to sure to make any wall stand out. Stylishly.
You can order this design on decor, lifestyle, tech & fashion products here →


Over to You

Do you order custom designed products online? If yes, which stores do you love?