How to schedule your social media updates

Free Tools To Schedule All Your Social Media Posts

To respect my time at home with my family, lately it became absolutely necessary for me to minimize the time I spend on my phone after work hours.

This wasn’t easy at all because I wanted to send out posts on a variety of social networks round the clock to keep in touch with my readers across the globe. And I wanted to do it for FREE, if possible of course. As it turns out it IS possible. Well for the most part.

Here’s the lowdown on my research that went on for weeks and the results. I’m sure these will help you schedule your own social media campaigns and save you time and money.

Schedule Facebook, Twitter, Google + & LinkedIn

For this I use Hootsuite. It works flawlessly for Facebook (Personal & Business pages), Google + business pages & LinkedIn Personal Accounts.

I do NOT use this service for Twitter though. The reason is that when tweeting with Hootsuite turns any attached photo into a link that takes the user to the Hootsuite site to see the photo. This, in my opinion, is unacceptable because the only reason you’d want to post an image with your tweet is to grab attention. But expecting people to click on your image link to go see it is plain stupid.

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Schedule Pins on Pinterest

For this I use Viralwoot with a free plan that let’s you schedule up to 10 pins every day.


The best way to schedule Instagram photos at the moment is to use an app called Schedugram. Schedugram is an Australian company that lets you crop images and schedule your Instagram posts easily. It’s a paid app, of course.

Latergram is free but is only available currently for iOS users; and even with iOS it only schedules your posts and sends you notifications as per the schedule. You then have to open the Instagram app on your iOS youself and post. So it pretty much takes out the whole purpose of scheduling!

I have also tried Gramblr (free) to post photos to Instagram from my desktop. And it works quite well. The only disadvantage is you can not apply the signature Instagram effects.

Have Something to Add?

Do you know any other tools to schedule posts on social networks? Do post them using comments below.