Elma studio Wordpress minimal themes

Featured: My Favorite WordPress Blog Theme Makers & 6 of Their Best

First a little disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with the company – Elma Studio, don’t get money (or anything else) for saying this and there are no affiliate links.

I simply love the style of the minimal WordPress themes this company offers. All their themes have unusually laid out designs with plain black and white elements with minimal typography. The thing about minimal design is it can help you make your content shine.

I would use their themes a lot more, if I could, but unfortunately they are meant only for bloggers and do not have any real Portfolio or e-commerce features.

Check out my favorite ones from their lot by clicking on the preview images below. And if you’d like my help to set up any of these themes for your own blog, contact me here.


Weta WordPress Theme



Cocoa wordpress theme



Renkon WordPress theme


Black Walnut

Black walnut WordPress theme



Ponsonby WordPress theme