Design Trend Watch: Flat Design

Like to stay on top of the latest design trends?
Here’s a trend in design that you wouldn’t want to miss! Flat Design.

What is Flat Design?

Flat design is a concept and style that renders everything in a 2-dimensional way, making it flat. This lack of “realism” or any kinds of special effects (like shadows, textures etc.) is called flat design. What I love about it is the minimalism and simplicity that this kind of a design brings about. The style also has a few key properties such as the use of bright color, bold typography, simple shapes and wording. I think the whole look has a kind of a pleasant refreshing comic and retro feel to it.

What is flat design


Fonts are simple, direct and often bold with bigger than usual sizes. Most flat design schemes use sans serif typefaces and limit the number of typefaces to a project to two.


While not a rule, flat design often uses more colors than the typical palette and hues are often brighter and more vibrant. Here’s a starting point for those of you that are curious about what colors go with Flat Design.


Clean cut, geometric shapes mark this style, most commonly rectangles and circles. Elements with rounded edges are less common than squared-off edges.

Flat Design and Websites

A good & popular example of this return of simple, flat and typographical oriented design has to be Microsoft’s Metro interface. Inspired by this new look, several clients come to me asking for Flat as well as Metro style layouts for their new websites. This design approach is especially popular when setting up portfolio websites as well as in #mobile app UI.

Flat Design and Logos

The popularity of Flat design isn’t limited to web & UI design, it even goes for Logo design, especially for people with a creative business. While there aren’t as many companies using this modern style for branding yet, that’s likely to change as the trend continues to gain traction.

While it is still uncommon, many designers are starting to pitch ideas for smaller elements in the flat style. Whether you opt to use it or not should be based on the feel of your brand and if it “matches” the rest of your business style.

Do you like flat design?