Little Insights
    Little Insights

    Just a Happy Wednesday

    You know what's cool? Being contacted for a collaboration by someone who's work you've been following for years now - someone who's inspired you along your own creative journey.

    A Day In The Life of a Designer : My Typical Work Day Schedule

    The reason I'm writing this article is to share my work schedule with your readers AND to hopefully help new designers plan their own work day for better productivity.

    5 Skills No One Can Do Without

    Uma Gokhale / December 20, 2014 / Everything Web, Little Insights
    5 Skills I think No One Can Get by Without. "Never be a afraid to be alone because being alone helps you discover who you are and teaches you how to stop looking outside yourself for your worth."

    7 Ways To Choose Happiness

    I really DO believe that being happy is a choice. Of course you can't always be happy, when going through rough times everybody feels blue, but generally I think for some people being happy comes naturally while others have to make a conscious decision to bring happiness to themselves. Here are 7 ways to help you too find happiness every day.

    A Busy Day, A Good News, Some Design Ideas & Cinnamon Tea

    It's not a lot of fun going to work on a Sunday when everyone else is in a laid back fun mood to enjoy the day and unwind.

    How I Stepped into the World Of Design

    Uma Gokhale / September 8, 2014 / Everything Web, Little Insights
    I thought today I'll share with you the interesting journey that led me to become a designer.

    The WTC. Rebranded. And My Trip Down Memory Lane.

    World Trade Center now has a new logo and it's part of a $3.57 million re-branding project that was done by a firm called Landor Associates. And also my trip down memory lane.