Little Insights
    Little Insights

    Just a Happy Wednesday

    You know what's cool? Being contacted for a collaboration by someone who's work you've been following for years now - someone who's inspired you along your own creative journey.

    5 Skills No One Can Do Without

    Uma Gokhale / December 20, 2014 / Everything Web, Little Insights
    5 Skills I think No One Can Get by Without. "Never be a afraid to be alone because being alone helps you discover who you are and teaches you how to stop looking outside yourself for your worth."

    7 Ways To Choose Happiness

    I really DO believe that being happy is a choice. Of course you can't always be happy, when going through rough times everybody feels blue, but generally I think for some people being happy comes naturally while others have to make a conscious decision to bring happiness to themselves. Here are 7 ways to help you too find happiness every day.

    A Busy Day, A Good News, Some Design Ideas & Cinnamon Tea

    It's not a lot of fun going to work on a Sunday when everyone else is in a laid back fun mood to enjoy the day and unwind.

    How I Stepped into the World Of Design

    Uma Gokhale / September 8, 2014 / Everything Web, Little Insights
    I thought today I'll share with you the interesting journey that led me to become a designer.

    The WTC. Rebranded. And My Trip Down Memory Lane.

    World Trade Center now has a new logo and it's part of a $3.57 million re-branding project that was done by a firm called Landor Associates. And also my trip down memory lane.