Inspiration & Finds
    Inspiration & Finds

    The Copper / Rose Gold Rush

    I'm loving how lately we're seeing a lot of copper pretty much in all kind of designs from interiors to logo design and from apparel to tech accessories. Here's my inspiration & buying list just for you!

    The Master list to Get Free Stock Photos & Videos For Your Blog

    Here's my list of sites that offer high quality, professional photos and stock footage for your website/blog. Some of these sites even offer higher resolution photos that are okay for printing as well.

    3 Steps to Smart Freelance Finances

    Infographic showing how freelancers typically manage (or should manage) their money. For newbies, I'm sure it'll help as a guide.

    Why Do You Need a Designer?

    Sabine Ahrens, a young designer from Hamburg, created this insightful flowchart to help her potential clients decide if they need a designer.