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    How to Build a Marketing Engine For Your Blog & Products

    Uma Gokhale / March 2, 2016 / Everything Web
    I needed a long-term plan that would allow me to dedicate maximum time to doing what I do best - Design while the marketing took care of itself with no or very little effort and time form my side. I also decided to save some money along the way :) Here's how I did it. I hope this helps!

    The Best Way to Post to Instagram From Your Desktop

    Uma Gokhale / February 10, 2016 / Everything Web
    This is Undoubtedly The Best Way to Post to Instagram From Your Desktop!

    7 Point No-Nonsense Plan to Speed Up Your WordPress Website. Right NOW.

    Uma Gokhale / January 30, 2016 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    Here are my quick-action no-nonsense tips to speed up your wordpress site - RIGHT NOW. It's how I go my own site's page speed score from 65 to ~ 91.

    Free Download ~ The Trendy Stencil Fonts You've Deparately Been Looking For

    Uma Gokhale / January 19, 2016 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    Lately lots of designers are using beautiful bold stencil style fonts in stylish logo concepts and presentations. Here are my favorite with free download links.

    5 Ideas To Make Your Website Less Girly ~ More Professional & Why

    Uma Gokhale / January 3, 2016 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    Here's a list of my 6 ideas to help steer clear of ending up with yet another 'cute' website.

    How To Engage Your Website Visitors in Your Social Media Updates

    Uma Gokhale / December 16, 2015 / Business, Everything Web
    Earlier this month I found this great plugin for Wordpress that lets me show all my social updates across a variety of networks on a single page on my website. Give it a try yourself!

    4 Point Checklist of Things to Do Before Changing Your Website Theme

    Uma Gokhale / November 30, 2015 / Business, Everything Web
    From my experience, I have put together this list of crucial things you MUST do before changing your site theme. These pointers will hopefully save you a lot of time and regret.

    The Master list to Get Free Stock Photos & Videos For Your Blog

    Here's my list of sites that offer high quality, professional photos and stock footage for your website/blog. Some of these sites even offer higher resolution photos that are okay for printing as well.

    8 Fresh Free & Premium Fonts For Your Headlines

    Uma Gokhale / November 8, 2015 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    Here's my collection of 8 new fonts that I Love. I mostly use them for headlines in my designs. Some of them are free, some are Google Fonts and others are available for purchase. Links to download all the fonts are listed below.

    8 Ways To Stay Busy Between Projects

    Uma Gokhale / November 2, 2015 / Business, Everything Web
    What do you do when you don't have too many projects to focus all your creative energy on? You put it to good use. Here's how I did it.