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    Why I Choose WordPress Over Being Confined to Squarespace

    Wordpress Vs SquareSpace Review by a Web Designer

    6 Mailing Lists Digital Designers Should Join Now

    This list will help you get the best that design journals have to offer delivered right to your mailbox so you can give it a read when you can.

    Introducing the Launch of Our Indian Store DailyObjects

    Uma Gokhale / November 12, 2016 / Everything Web, Shop
    We've heard a lot of interest from fans & friends to make our art work available in India. So we're very very excited to introduce our new Daily Objects shop in the 83 Oranges lineup!

    Guess Who Society6 gave a Shout-Out to This Weekend?

    Uma Gokhale / August 8, 2016 / Everything Web, News, Shop
    Guess Who Society6 gave a Shout-Out to in their weekend mailer? Yup, me :) I was super excited to be chosen among the millions of artists they review for their showcase feature.

    The Copper / Rose Gold Rush

    I'm loving how lately we're seeing a lot of copper pretty much in all kind of designs from interiors to logo design and from apparel to tech accessories. Here's my inspiration & buying list just for you!

    Just a Happy Wednesday

    You know what's cool? Being contacted for a collaboration by someone who's work you've been following for years now - someone who's inspired you along your own creative journey.

    Me. Rebranded.

    83 Oranges Design Co. represents my work and it just got rebranded! It’s what I’ve been up to the last 2 weeks. With new partnerships & collaborations, I […]

    2 Digital Art Tools Your Competitors Have But You Don’t

    Here are two favorites tools that I swear by when it comes to crating beautiful art works for print.

    A Day In The Life of a Designer : My Typical Work Day Schedule

    The reason I'm writing this article is to share my work schedule with your readers AND to hopefully help new designers plan their own work day for better productivity.

    4 New Places To Sell Your Art Online

    Uma Gokhale / May 14, 2016 / Business, Everything Web
    The sole purpose of me sharing this list is to save you fellow artists time that I wasted setting up shop on several similar platforms in the past year.