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    3 Tips to Make Your Woocommerce Shop Buyer-Friendly

    It takes hard work to get potential customers to your shop and to encourage them to go ahead and actually buy something they like. So, I hope my tips on how to Make Your Woocommerce Shop Buyer-Friendly will help you along this process.

    6 Bold Fonts For Sports Logos And Branding

    Here's my recently put together collection of 6 bold fonts perfect for Sports brand design

    Featured: My Favorite WordPress Blog Theme Makers & 6 of Their Best

    I simply love the style of the minimal Wordpress themes this company offers. All their themes have unusually laid out designs with plain black and white elements with minimal typography. Th thing about minimal design is it can help you make your content shine.

    5 Sources I Draw Design Inspiration From

    Today, I’m going to share with you the 5 sources I use every day to help boost my creativity.

    How To Make a WordPress Menu Link Open in a New Tab

    An easy way to make a Wordpress Menu Link Open in a New Window/Tab

    Why I Went From Disqus to Jetpack Comments & Back

    Over the years I tried out a number of commenting systems from livefyre, Facebook/Google comments, Wordpress native comments, Disqus to Jetpack Comments etc. and finally chose Disqus.

    10 Logo Designs With Excellent Use of Negative Space

    There’s something about logo design that use negative/white space which just makes them stand out on account of the wit and simplicity behind the concepts. They make a […]

    4 Customizations Everyone with a Woocommerce Site Should Be Using

    Some of these are Woocommerce customizations that I wanted and so came up with myself while others are modified versions of some other hacks found online - hacks which failed to do their job thoroughly.

    Where to Host Your WordPress Site & Why I Fired Hostgator

    Having been a loyal customer of Hostgator for the last 4+ years, the issues I ran into with them recently came as quite a shock. In the middle […]

    4 Striking Font Presentations & Free Downloads

    I chose to showcase these free fonts not just because of how the fonts look but also because of the way they are presented.