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    Why I Choose WordPress Over Being Confined to Squarespace

    Wordpress Vs SquareSpace Review by a Web Designer

    6 Mailing Lists Digital Designers Should Join Now

    This list will help you get the best that design journals have to offer delivered right to your mailbox so you can give it a read when you can.

    Me. Rebranded.

    83 Oranges Design Co. represents my work and it just got rebranded! It’s what I’ve been up to the last 2 weeks. With new partnerships & collaborations, I […]

    2 Digital Art Tools Your Competitors Have But You Don’t

    Here are two favorites tools that I swear by when it comes to crating beautiful art works for print.

    7 Point No-Nonsense Plan to Speed Up Your WordPress Website. Right NOW.

    Uma Gokhale / January 30, 2016 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    Here are my quick-action no-nonsense tips to speed up your wordpress site - RIGHT NOW. It's how I go my own site's page speed score from 65 to ~ 91.

    Free Download ~ The Trendy Stencil Fonts You've Deparately Been Looking For

    Uma Gokhale / January 19, 2016 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    Lately lots of designers are using beautiful bold stencil style fonts in stylish logo concepts and presentations. Here are my favorite with free download links.

    5 Ideas To Make Your Website Less Girly ~ More Professional & Why

    Uma Gokhale / January 3, 2016 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    Here's a list of my 6 ideas to help steer clear of ending up with yet another 'cute' website.

    8 Fresh Free & Premium Fonts For Your Headlines

    Uma Gokhale / November 8, 2015 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    Here's my collection of 8 new fonts that I Love. I mostly use them for headlines in my designs. Some of them are free, some are Google Fonts and others are available for purchase. Links to download all the fonts are listed below.

    Blog Diaries: How To Choose The Right Layout For Your Website or Blog

    Uma Gokhale / October 7, 2015 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    How do you decide what layout is right for your website or blog? Here's my step-by-step guide to help you along the way.

    Web Design Trends Vol. 2

    Uma Gokhale / September 28, 2015 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    This season, it's all about being unpredictable, unusual & using abstract elements when it comes to standing out online. Here are the web design trends that I like in particular.