Why I Choose WordPress Over Being Confined to Squarespace

    Wordpress Vs SquareSpace Review by a Web Designer

    6 Mailing Lists Digital Designers Should Join Now

    This list will help you get the best that design journals have to offer delivered right to your mailbox so you can give it a read when you can.

    4 New Places To Sell Your Art Online

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    The sole purpose of me sharing this list is to save you fellow artists time that I wasted setting up shop on several similar platforms in the past year.

    How To Engage Your Website Visitors in Your Social Media Updates

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    Earlier this month I found this great plugin for Wordpress that lets me show all my social updates across a variety of networks on a single page on my website. Give it a try yourself!

    4 Point Checklist of Things to Do Before Changing Your Website Theme

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    From my experience, I have put together this list of crucial things you MUST do before changing your site theme. These pointers will hopefully save you a lot of time and regret.

    8 Ways To Stay Busy Between Projects

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    What do you do when you don't have too many projects to focus all your creative energy on? You put it to good use. Here's how I did it.

    The Ultimate Reading List For Blogging Success

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    Here's my Ultimate Reading List For Bloggers. Every blogger - newbie and experts should take time and go through each of these articles because I guarantee there's lots to learn for everyone.

    How I Was Using Pinterest & Mailchimp About 44 Years Ago

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    This is a really fun post because I love to share online bloopers! These funny little technical errors that make you laugh and at the same time wonder why you're seeing them.

    How to Make Buffer My Post Plugin Include WP Custom Post Types

    Uma Gokhale / August 8, 2015 / Business, Everything Web
    How to Make Wordpress Buffer My Post Plugin Include Custom Post Types in addition to the default blog posts

    24+ Tools To Manage & Grow Your Business

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    Here's a list of tools I use regularly to manage & grow my own business - some of them every day and some of them as a subscription. They really make my job easier and my tasks more organized. I hope they help you too!