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    This is how we think, what we think & usually what we do when we’re not working on your projects. We worked hard to acheive where we are today

    Why I Choose WordPress Over Being Confined to Squarespace

    Wordpress Vs SquareSpace Review by a Web Designer

    6 Mailing Lists Digital Designers Should Join Now

    This list will help you get the best that design journals have to offer delivered right to your mailbox so you can give it a read when you can.

    Introducing the Launch of Our Indian Store DailyObjects

    Uma Gokhale / November 12, 2016 / Everything Web, Shop
    We've heard a lot of interest from fans & friends to make our art work available in India. So we're very very excited to introduce our new Daily Objects shop in the 83 Oranges lineup!

    Guess Who Society6 gave a Shout-Out to This Weekend?

    Uma Gokhale / August 8, 2016 / Everything Web, News, Shop
    Guess Who Society6 gave a Shout-Out to in their weekend mailer? Yup, me 🙂 I was super excited to be chosen among the millions of artists they review for their showcase feature.

    The Copper / Rose Gold Rush

    I'm loving how lately we're seeing a lot of copper pretty much in all kind of designs from interiors to logo design and from apparel to tech accessories. Here's my inspiration & buying list just for you!

    Just a Happy Wednesday

    You know what's cool? Being contacted for a collaboration by someone who's work you've been following for years now - someone who's inspired you along your own creative journey.

    Me. Rebranded.

    83 Oranges Design Co. represents my work and it just got rebranded! It’s what I’ve been up to the last 2 weeks. With new partnerships & collaborations, I […]

    2 Digital Art Tools Your Competitors Have But You Don’t

    Here are two favorites tools that I swear by when it comes to crating beautiful art works for print.

    A Day In The Life of a Designer : My Typical Work Day Schedule

    Uma Gokhale / May 31, 2016 / Everything Web
    The reason I'm writing this article is to share my work schedule with your readers AND to hopefully help new designers plan their own work day for better productivity.

    4 New Places To Sell Your Art Online

    Uma Gokhale / May 14, 2016 / Business, Everything Web
    The sole purpose of me sharing this list is to save you fellow artists time that I wasted setting up shop on several similar platforms in the past year.

    How to Build a Marketing Engine For Your Blog & Products

    Uma Gokhale / March 2, 2016 / Everything Web
    I needed a long-term plan that would allow me to dedicate maximum time to doing what I do best - Design while the marketing took care of itself with no or very little effort and time form my side. I also decided to save some money along the way 🙂 Here's how I did it. I hope this helps!

    The Best Way to Post to Instagram From Your Desktop

    Uma Gokhale / February 10, 2016 / Everything Web
    This is Undoubtedly The Best Way to Post to Instagram From Your Desktop!

    7 Point No-Nonsense Plan to Speed Up Your WordPress Website. Right NOW.

    Uma Gokhale / January 30, 2016 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    Here are my quick-action no-nonsense tips to speed up your wordpress site - RIGHT NOW. It's how I go my own site's page speed score from 65 to ~ 91.

    Free Download ~ The Trendy Stencil Fonts You've Deparately Been Looking For

    Uma Gokhale / January 19, 2016 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    Lately lots of designers are using beautiful bold stencil style fonts in stylish logo concepts and presentations. Here are my favorite with free download links.

    5 Ideas To Make Your Website Less Girly ~ More Professional & Why

    Uma Gokhale / January 3, 2016 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    Here's a list of my 6 ideas to help steer clear of ending up with yet another 'cute' website.

    How To Engage Your Website Visitors in Your Social Media Updates

    Uma Gokhale / December 16, 2015 / Business, Everything Web
    Earlier this month I found this great plugin for Wordpress that lets me show all my social updates across a variety of networks on a single page on my website. Give it a try yourself!

    4 Point Checklist of Things to Do Before Changing Your Website Theme

    Uma Gokhale / November 30, 2015 / Business, Everything Web
    From my experience, I have put together this list of crucial things you MUST do before changing your site theme. These pointers will hopefully save you a lot of time and regret.

    The Master list to Get Free Stock Photos & Videos For Your Blog

    Here's my list of sites that offer high quality, professional photos and stock footage for your website/blog. Some of these sites even offer higher resolution photos that are okay for printing as well.

    8 Fresh Free & Premium Fonts For Your Headlines

    Uma Gokhale / November 8, 2015 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    Here's my collection of 8 new fonts that I Love. I mostly use them for headlines in my designs. Some of them are free, some are Google Fonts and others are available for purchase. Links to download all the fonts are listed below.

    8 Ways To Stay Busy Between Projects

    Uma Gokhale / November 2, 2015 / Business, Everything Web
    What do you do when you don't have too many projects to focus all your creative energy on? You put it to good use. Here's how I did it.

    The Ultimate Reading List For Blogging Success

    Uma Gokhale / October 20, 2015 / Business, Everything Web
    Here's my Ultimate Reading List For Bloggers. Every blogger - newbie and experts should take time and go through each of these articles because I guarantee there's lots to learn for everyone.

    Blog Diaries: How To Choose The Right Layout For Your Website or Blog

    Uma Gokhale / October 7, 2015 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    How do you decide what layout is right for your website or blog? Here's my step-by-step guide to help you along the way.

    Web Design Trends Vol. 2

    Uma Gokhale / September 28, 2015 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    This season, it's all about being unpredictable, unusual & using abstract elements when it comes to standing out online. Here are the web design trends that I like in particular.

    How I Was Using Pinterest & Mailchimp About 44 Years Ago

    Uma Gokhale / September 9, 2015 / Business, Everything Web
    This is a really fun post because I love to share online bloopers! These funny little technical errors that make you laugh and at the same time wonder why you're seeing them.

    3 Steps to Smart Freelance Finances

    Infographic showing how freelancers typically manage (or should manage) their money. For newbies, I'm sure it'll help as a guide.

    How to Make Buffer My Post Plugin Include WP Custom Post Types

    Uma Gokhale / August 8, 2015 / Business, Everything Web
    How to Make Wordpress Buffer My Post Plugin Include Custom Post Types in addition to the default blog posts

    24+ Tools To Manage & Grow Your Business

    Uma Gokhale / August 4, 2015 / Business, Everything Web
    Here's a list of tools I use regularly to manage & grow my own business - some of them every day and some of them as a subscription. They really make my job easier and my tasks more organized. I hope they help you too!

    3 Tips to Make Your Woocommerce Shop Buyer-Friendly

    It takes hard work to get potential customers to your shop and to encourage them to go ahead and actually buy something they like. So, I hope my tips on how to Make Your Woocommerce Shop Buyer-Friendly will help you along this process.

    6 Bold Fonts For Sports Logos And Branding

    Here's my recently put together collection of 6 bold fonts perfect for Sports brand design

    Featured: My Favorite WordPress Blog Theme Makers & 6 of Their Best

    I simply love the style of the minimal Wordpress themes this company offers. All their themes have unusually laid out designs with plain black and white elements with minimal typography. Th thing about minimal design is it can help you make your content shine.

    5 Sources I Draw Design Inspiration From

    Today, I’m going to share with you the 5 sources I use every day to help boost my creativity.

    7 Kinds of Problem Clients (from hell!)

    Uma Gokhale / June 29, 2015 / Business, Everything Web
    You don't need a PhD in Criminal Psychology to spot a bad client. The signs are there, you just have to know what to look for. However, in my opinion, it's not all black and white.

    7-Point Plan To Double Your Followers, Responses & Sales on Society6

    Uma Gokhale / June 18, 2015 / Business, Everything Web
    I've been a member of Society6 for a while now but I really started to put efforts into getting more sales there only 6 months ago. Since then I have noticed certain things that have benefited me in terms of substantially growing my followers and sales more through this great network.

    How To Make a WordPress Menu Link Open in a New Tab

    An easy way to make a Wordpress Menu Link Open in a New Window/Tab

    5 Steps to Automating Your Social Media & Email Marketing (For Less)

    Uma Gokhale / June 14, 2015 / Business, Everything Web
    So here's my plan to help you automate or at least semi-automate all your major social media updates (or the big 5 you should care about right now - Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest & Instagram)

    Why I Went From Disqus to Jetpack Comments & Back

    Over the years I tried out a number of commenting systems from livefyre, Facebook/Google comments, Wordpress native comments, Disqus to Jetpack Comments etc. and finally chose Disqus.

    10 Logo Designs With Excellent Use of Negative Space

    There’s something about logo design that use negative/white space which just makes them stand out on account of the wit and simplicity behind the concepts. They make a […]

    Featured Decor & Fashion Products #30505

    Uma Gokhale / May 31, 2015 / Everything Web, Shop
    Here are my latest licensed designs recently featured on Society6. All the designs displayed are available with a range of products like throw pillows, wall clocks, mugs, stationary cards, shower curtains, art prints, canvas prints, wall tapestries, tote bags, apparels, area rugs, leggings, phone cases/skins, tablet and laptop cases and many many more!

    4 Customizations Everyone with a Woocommerce Site Should Be Using

    Some of these are Woocommerce customizations that I wanted and so came up with myself while others are modified versions of some other hacks found online - hacks which failed to do their job thoroughly.

    The Marketing Plugin Every Website Needs & a Few Cool Customizations

    Uma Gokhale / April 19, 2015 / Business, Everything Web
    About a month ago I found this multifaceted plugin called Sumo Me. The name’s weird, I know – when I first read it, it reminded me of sumo […]

    Where to Host Your WordPress Site & Why I Fired Hostgator

    Having been a loyal customer of Hostgator for the last 4+ years, the issues I ran into with them recently came as quite a shock. In the middle […]

    4 Striking Font Presentations & Free Downloads

    I chose to showcase these free fonts not just because of how the fonts look but also because of the way they are presented.

    How to Deliver Exactly What Your Client Needs

    Uma Gokhale / March 3, 2015 / Business, Everything Web
    Along my designing journey, I come across both kinds of clients – 1. Who know what they want and 2. Who don’t. No matter what the case is, […]

    Web Design Trends & Inspiration Vol.1

    Uma Gokhale / January 20, 2015 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    If you spend as much time as I do exploring new ideas and inspiration, you'll find many more web design trends that are 'hot' right now but here are my favorites.

    Break Away From Limited Exposure

    Uma Gokhale / January 10, 2015 / Business, Everything Web
    As creative people, we all want to 'create' for a living and have fun doing so. However, there are times when we hit a block and question our place in our particular field. I know I did 6 years ago.

    5 Fashion Fonts I’m Loving This Season

    Uma Gokhale / December 23, 2014 / Archives, Everything Web
    5 Fashion Fonts that are full of glamor & I'm Loving This Season

    5 Skills No One Can Do Without

    Uma Gokhale / December 20, 2014 / Everything Web, Little Insights
    5 Skills I think No One Can Get by Without. "Never be a afraid to be alone because being alone helps you discover who you are and teaches you how to stop looking outside yourself for your worth."

    7 Ways To Choose Happiness

    I really DO believe that being happy is a choice. Of course you can't always be happy, when going through rough times everybody feels blue, but generally I think for some people being happy comes naturally while others have to make a conscious decision to bring happiness to themselves. Here are 7 ways to help you too find happiness every day.

    How to Write Blog Posts That Help Your SEO

    Uma Gokhale / December 6, 2014 / Business, Everything Web
    SEO sounds like a very complicated topic and It is. However, there are simple things you can do to help your site's SEO yourself, without paying dearly to an expert.

    4 Tips To Manage Your Inbox Like a Pro & Save Time

    Uma Gokhale / December 4, 2014 / Business, Everything Web
    As a part of this optimizing process, I carefully looked into how much time I was spending going through my inbox and how much of it is unnecessary.

    11 Tips To Make Your Blog Look Pretty

    Uma Gokhale / November 22, 2014 / Business, Everything Web
    These 11 simple tips will help your blog go from mediocre (or worse) to pretty.

    How to Hire The Right Designer For Your Project

    Hiring a designer for your requirement can be difficult. With the whole world connected by the internet, today you have potentially thousands of designers you can work with remotely instead of sticking to someone in your vicinity.

    5 Android Apps I’m Lovin’

    Uma Gokhale / November 15, 2014 / Business, Everything Web
    Here are some useful apps that I'm currently diggin' on my Samsung Note 3.

    How to Make Your Work Look Unmissable

    Uma Gokhale / October 30, 2014 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    Lately, have you noticed everyone around is posting really impressive images of their work? Here's How to Make Your Work Look Unmissable.

    A Busy Day, A Good News, Some Design Ideas & Cinnamon Tea

    It's not a lot of fun going to work on a Sunday when everyone else is in a laid back fun mood to enjoy the day and unwind.

    Free Tools To Schedule All Your Social Media Posts

    Uma Gokhale / October 2, 2014 / Business, Everything Web
    To respect my time at home with my family, lately it became absolutely necessary for me to minimize the time I spend on my phone after work hours.

    4 WP Snippets to Rock Your Online Store Sales

    Uma Gokhale / September 22, 2014 / Business, Everything Web
    If you have an online store built on the WordPress platform and are looking for ways to boost your sales, this is the post for you.

    2 Killer Disqus Tricks for Your WordPress Site

    Uma Gokhale / September 13, 2014 / Business, Everything Web
    Wordpress tips to help you blog Better.

    How I Stepped into the World Of Design

    Uma Gokhale / September 8, 2014 / Everything Web, Little Insights
    I thought today I'll share with you the interesting journey that led me to become a designer.

    Top 5 DIY Blogs You Should Follow

    Uma Gokhale / August 30, 2014 / Everything Web
    If you love DIY stuff, following are 5 DIY blogs you simply should not miss.

    How To Create a Perfect Brief For Your Graphic Designer

    Here's a list of topics your brief to your designer should ideally cover.

    The WTC. Rebranded. And My Trip Down Memory Lane.

    World Trade Center now has a new logo and it's part of a $3.57 million re-branding project that was done by a firm called Landor Associates. And also my trip down memory lane.

    My All Time Favorite Handwritten Fonts

    Here's a collection of my all-time favorite handwritten fonts.

    5 Reasons Twitter is Way Cooler Than Facebook

    Uma Gokhale / June 8, 2014 / Business, Everything Web
    I have been active on Facebook for years now but started really getting into Twitter just recently. This is why, if I had to choose one, I would ditch the first for the popular broadcasting network.

    Cool Websites and Tools For Bloggers & Entrepreneurs

    Uma Gokhale / June 1, 2014 / Business, Everything Web
    Found some really Cool Websites and Tools earlier this week, some for managing stuff and some for quality entertainment. Take a look & let me know if these are helpful to you.

    Becoming the Obvious Choice

    Uma Gokhale / May 15, 2014 / Business, Everything Web
    How do you become the obvious choice of your potential customers among a pool of equally good (or at least equally good-looking) service providers?

    SEO DIY Basics

    Uma Gokhale / April 29, 2014 / Business, Everything Web
    Don't want to spend on SEO? Here's how to do it yourself for beginners!

    8 Tips to Redesign Your Website ~ Latest Trends & Styles

    Tips for Redesigning Websites: Here's what to keep in mind if you're thinking of getting your site revamped this year.

    Must-Know Online Tools For Site Owners

    Uma Gokhale / April 21, 2014 / Business, Everything Web
    Many of have our own websites & blogs and can use a little help with managing our site in terms of Here are a few handy tools to keep you on top of things.

    Save Pinterest Pins as PDF E-book

    Uma Gokhale / April 6, 2014 / Business, Everything Web
    Lean how to save your Pinterest Pins as PDF E-book AND retain the links.

    Must Know Feedburner Hacks

    Uma Gokhale / March 24, 2014 / Business, Everything Web
    Here are 3 Must Know Feedburner Hacks. My tips will hopefully save you a lot of time setting this up!

    Choosing The Right Theme For Your Store

    Uma Gokhale / February 5, 2014 / Business, Everything Web
    To cater to entrepreneurs wanting to sell products online, there's a whole range of E-commerce themes available. However, you need to think before just randomly buying a theme because it 'looks' great.

    Free E-Book ~ Guide to Success for Entrepreneurs

    Uma Gokhale / January 25, 2014 / Business, Everything Web
    Being an Entrepreneur is most certainly not easy. Here's the Guide to Success for Entrepreneurs who are determined to grow.

    Best Free Website Chat Plugin

    Uma Gokhale / January 10, 2014 / Business, Everything Web
    My search for the Best Free Website Chat Plugin has been going for for quite a while now. Here's the solution.

    How to Download YouTube Videos

    Uma Gokhale / December 3, 2013 / Business, Everything Web
    Here's How to Download YouTube Videos to your computer the easy way.

    Why Do You Need a Designer?

    Sabine Ahrens, a young designer from Hamburg, created this insightful flowchart to help her potential clients decide if they need a designer.

    13 Amazing Facts About Graphic Design!

    Uma Gokhale / October 8, 2013 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    While doing a casual research on the history and origins of graphic design, I found the following 13 Amazing Facts About Graphic Design! They're little known and worth sharing.

    New Packaging Concept for Doritos

    Uma Gokhale / September 28, 2013 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    What started as a school project turned out to be a very serious #concept of a new package for Doritos. In the creative hands of the student and designer Petar Pavlov, everything was designed for a reason.

    What Does Your Work Space Look Like?

    Uma Gokhale / August 14, 2013 / Business, Everything Web
    Send me a picture of your work space using the comment section at the end of this post. The best one will be showcased on our fanpage!

    Design Trend Watch: Flat Design

    Uma Gokhale / August 10, 2013 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    Like to stay on top of the latest design trends?

    Smart Tips for Food Logo Design

    Being a logo designer, food logo designs are the most fun ones to create! So here are a few pointers on what a food industry logo should look like.

    Feng-Shui Tips for Logo design

    Today I found some interesting information on how people are applying Feng-Shui principles when getting a business logo designed and thought it was worth sharing.

    Tips For Excellent UI Design

    Tips For Excellent UI Design: Here are some tips to get you started on your way to building an awesome UI for your project.

    Hashtags: What is the Buzz About?

    Uma Gokhale / July 22, 2013 / Business, Everything Web
    Hashtags: What is the Buzz About? A hashtag is a word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol # with no spaces or punctuation used to categorize messages.

    Best WP Subscribe to Download Plugin

    Uma Gokhale / May 21, 2013 / Business, Everything Web
    Here's undoubtedly the Best WP Subscribe to Download Plugin available right now.

    Collection of Free Retro & Vintage Fonts

    If you too are a retro fan, you'll love this new Free Retro & Vintage Fonts (5) I've put together. Also, all the fonts listed here are free and have a download link just below their photo.

    Optimize Your Website For Best Performance

    Uma Gokhale / April 2, 2013 / Business, Everything Web
    Here are tips to Optimize Your Website For Best Performance

    Instagram-Like Effects for Desktop

    Uma Gokhale / March 9, 2013 / Business, Everything Web
    If you’ve used the Instagram app, you’ll know how it helps apply amazing effects to your photos in seconds!

    What Is a QR Code & How Can I Use it?

    Uma Gokhale / February 21, 2013 / Business, Everything Web
    It wasn't long ago when QR codes first started showing up in consumer advertising. Many of us have no idea what it is and how it can be used to their benefit if they're in business. So let's find out.

    How to Land Your Dream Job Using Social Media

    Uma Gokhale / February 20, 2013 / Business, Everything Web
    These are my tips for Landing a Job Through Social Media. Do let me know if they're helpful!

    Importance of a Well Designed Logo

    Uma Gokhale / February 4, 2013 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    A logo, be it for a company or even a personal blog, can have a significant (good as well as bad) impact on any business. Here's how.

    Importance of a Well Designed Business Card

    Uma Gokhale / February 1, 2013 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    What Is a Business Card & Why Is It Important?

    Really Funny Quotes from Clients

    Uma Gokhale / February 1, 2013 / Business, Everything Web
    Have you across clients that ask the funniest questions? I sure have working in the web design industry and thought it would be fun to share some of the funniest questions/comments I've heard/read over the years.

    Create Free Business Videos for Marketing

    Uma Gokhale / January 29, 2013 / Business, Everything Web
    Here's a free desktop software that helps you compile a marketing video slideshow made of photos or using screen capture.

    WordPress DIY Quick Tips & Hacks #1

    Uma Gokhale / January 13, 2013 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    If you're managing your own WordPress blog without in depth knowledge of the framework, I'm sure you'll appreciate the following tips that I have put together from my long experience working with this really awesome CMS.

    Responsive Website Design – What, Why And How

    Uma Gokhale / January 7, 2013 / Design & Dev, Everything Web
    Here's the lowdown on what responsive web design means, why it can be important and how it works.

    Free E-commerce Email Newsletter Template

    Uma Gokhale / November 24, 2012 / Everything Web
    Here's a newsletter designed for an e-commerce store and the template is free to download (.PSD) Use the free PSD to change the content as per your needs!

    Free E-book ~ Training Your Employees For Social Media Marketing

    Uma Gokhale / November 19, 2012 / Everything Web
    Here's an E-book that'll help you understand how to provide social media training to your employees and what factors you need to keep in mind.

    What is Instagram & 4 Reasons Why You Should Be On It

    Uma Gokhale / November 5, 2012 / Business, Everything Web
    Lately have you come across these really stunning photographs with a 70's kind of effect being circulated everywhere online?

    Characteristics of a Successful Personal Blog

    Uma Gokhale / October 18, 2012 / Business, Everything Web
    What makes the widely popular personal blogs so successful? I came across more than a few exceptionally inspiring blogs

    My (Bad) Experience with Yahoo Small Biz

    Uma Gokhale / September 30, 2012 / Business, Everything Web
    We're far from being a fan of Yahoo Small Business. We have had trouble with them every time one of our clients has used their services.

    Free Tool to Make Your Photos Pinterest Ready Instantly

    Uma Gokhale / September 29, 2012 / Business, Everything Web
    This new online Free tool makes it a breeze to upload your images, add stylish quotes/text over them and get them ready to be published, all without any photo-editing software.

    Why Should You Join Pinterest?

    Uma Gokhale / September 17, 2012 / Business, Everything Web
    If you haven't been there yet, you gotta take a look at Pinterest's exceptionally clean and pretty interface. In my opinion, it's the best 'looking' social network so far.

    Guide To Getting More Email Subscribers

    Uma Gokhale / September 15, 2012 / Business, Everything Web
    We all know that having lots of email subscribers is The aspect to focus on when marketing your website or blog. Newsletters ensure your audience finds out what’s happening on your site,

    5 Reasons to Choose a Premium WP Theme

    Uma Gokhale / September 11, 2012 / Business, Everything Web
    WordPress is an excellent tool if you want to build a website fast and easy and would also like to make it easy for yourself to keep it updated later on without the help of a web developer.

    7 Things To Do For a Higher Google Ranking

    Uma Gokhale / September 8, 2012 / Business, Everything Web
    Finding out how to get Google to like your site and place it higher can be a daunting task. Here are a few quick pointers to help you understand what Google appreciates on your website and how you can get your website to rank higher.

    4 Tips to Engage Your Website Visitors

    Uma Gokhale / August 28, 2012 / Business, Everything Web
    It’s not just enough to have a lot of visitors to your website or blog. If you’re trying to promote something, you need to engage your users and have them spend a good time on the site.

    12 Tips to Make Your Shopping Website a Hit

    Uma Gokhale / April 18, 2012 / Business, Everything Web
    We all love shopping! well most of us do. 🙂 Many people today want to set up shopping websites to sell anything from artwork to clothes online.

    Blog Tips: Pop-Up DOs & DON'Ts

    Uma Gokhale / March 15, 2012 / Business, Everything Web
    Most website owners make the mistake of thinking only from the marketing perspective ignoring the visitor's perspective. Here's how you can avoid that.

    4 Tips To Get An Effective Brochure Designed

    No matter how much internet has changed how businesses work, print media will always have its own place when it comes to marketing. Designing for print is a completely different ball game than designing for the web and if certain

    Why Pinterest is Different and How it Will Get You Hooked

    Uma Gokhale / March 3, 2012 / Business, Everything Web
    Social media, though has been in our lives for quite some time now, really made it big with Facebook that became worth $100 billion in 2004. Facebook undoubtedly changed the game and brought about a revolution in social media.

    6 Things to Avoid When Building a Website

    Uma Gokhale / December 20, 2011 / Business, Everything Web
    I get it. Everyone's real excited when they're planning to get a new website. However you need to keep a couple of things in mind before you start so you don't end up wasting your time and not getting a great site out of it.

    How to Design a Successful Blog

    Uma Gokhale / December 12, 2011 / Business, Everything Web
    Here are a few tips to help you understand the basics of How to Design a Successful Blog.

    How to Build Your Personal Brand

    Uma Gokhale / December 5, 2011 / Business, Everything Web
    If you have a blog, you want it to stand out and you want your readers to build a connection with you, as a person. This helps you build your personal brand.

    Getting Things Done

    Uma Gokhale / November 26, 2011 / Business, Everything Web
    All of us, at times, have trouble organizing tasks & keeping up with schedules. I wanted to list out some of the tips I think can really help you be on top of things. Here they are:

    Top 4 E-commerce Website Tips

    Uma Gokhale / November 15, 2011 / Business, Everything Web
    The structure for a successful website entirely depend upon its purpose. Designing an e-commerce website to sell products is a whole different ball game than building a corporate website or a blog.

    Are You Ready To Launch Your Business on Social Media? Find Out

    Uma Gokhale / October 15, 2011 / Business, Everything Web
    When starting to build a business presence on social media, you need to first ask yourself the following questions:

    How to Use Facebook Wisely to Promote Your Business

    Uma Gokhale / October 8, 2011 / Business, Everything Web
    Here's how to use Facebook to promote your activities employing effective ways to increase your fan base and generate leads.

    2 Basic Useful WordPress Tricks for Newbies

    Uma Gokhale / September 8, 2011 / Business, Everything Web
    Here are 2 Basic Useful WordPress Tricks that are very simple yet little known.

    5 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

    When designing your website, either yourself or with the help of a professional, make sure you avoid these mistakes

    How to Register The Perfect Domain Name For Your Business

    Uma Gokhale / August 13, 2011 / Business, Everything Web
    Whatever the type of online presence you decide to have (blog or website), you need to get a domain name that helps you achieve your goals. You need to take your time and choose a domain name wisely because a good domain name can be an extremely valuable asset for your business.

    Common Mistakes When Getting a Logo Designed

    The company logo is undoubtedly the most important part of your business identity. Many people, while choosing a logo, don’t really know what they want or what they need. This makes the process difficult not just for them but also for