Here’s my collection of 8 new fonts that I Love. I mostly use them for headlines in my designs. Some of them are free, some are Google Fonts and others are available for purchase. Links to download all the fonts are listed below.


Montserrat font download free

Montserrat font download free

Chelsea font free download

Encorpada font download

Glamor font download

Libre bakersville font free download

Babas neue font free download


Montserrat | Brandon Grotesque | Chelsea | Encorpada | Glamor | Libre Bakersville | Bebas Neue | Fonjava


Got Any Favorites?

Do you have any other awesome headline fonts to add to this list? Be my guest!
If you download any of these and use them in your designs, do post photos of your design in comments below. Yup, our comment form lets you post photos too!