4 Ways to Bring Greek Mediterranean Style To Your Space

Greek decor tips

After vacationing in Greece a few years ago, I fell in love with not only the beautiful surrounding this country has been blessed with but also how their passion for the sea reflects in Greek design.

Especially the Greek island of Santorini – it’s one of the most picturesque places you will ever see with white architecture against gorgeous blue of the ocean as the backdrop.

Inspired by my time in Greece, I decided to put together some tips to help you easily give your space a Greek design touch.

1. Lots of White

The moment you see a picture of an island with clean white and stylishly rough- finish architecture surrounded by the ocean, you immediately know that it’s the Greek island of Santorini. Greek design carries a lot of white – this can be different textures of white colored objects or even white open spaces with lots of light coming through. These spaces help your eyes appreciate the beauty of minimal textures and the slightest of difference between them.


Greek home decor tips

2. Bold Blue

Greek design is characterized by the use of bold blue shades and combining them with contrast colors like white, pale pink, blush, coral and more. You can go for bold blue colored art prints for your walls or you can even paint a wall or door blue and turn it into a statement piece.

Greek home decor tips Society6
Greek home decor tips Society6

3. Patterns

Remember to maintain a symmetrical harmony through shape, pattern, texture and to create a sense of coziness and restfulness. Greek interior decor encompasses stone textures, especially marble or limestone to create a natural look. You get this look by choosing a marble or white brick wallpaper. Give your bed a quick Greek ‘fix’ by throwing in a blue marble pattern tapestry or a couple of pillows.

Greek home decor tips Society6

4. Botanical Touch

The Greek design style would be incomplete without marvelous botanical elements in the form of illustrations, paintings or patterns. And there’s nothing quite as appealing as the combination of fresh green & floral pink with ocean blue.

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